Kordiamin ampoules

Kordiamin - drug stimulates the nervous system.

Pharmacological action

Kordiamin - drug-analeptic, which is characterized by a mixed action: reflexively excites the vasomotor and respiratory centers, stimulates the nervous system.

The mechanism of pharmacological action includes two components: central and peripheral. The central mechanism - a direct influence on the vasomotor center of the medulla of the brain, which is in its initiation and increasing the pressure. The mechanism is associated with distal depth increases respiratory rate.

In the cardiovascular system application kordiamin no effect.

Product form

Producing Kordiamin drops for internal use, tablets.

Indications kordiamin

Assign Kordiamin by indications: asphyxia (including neonates), shock of different origin, collapse, poisoning, drugs, barbiturates, sleeping pills, other oppressive central nervous system drugs, circulatory pathology infections, non-infectious circulatory pathology (including. h. to a chronic decrease in vascular tone), respiratory failure, fainting.


Kordiamin contraindicated for instructions: the child hyperthermia, epilepsy, patient predisposition to seizures, with a history of seizures, if you are hypersensitive funds during lactation, pregnancy.

Instructions for use kordiamin

K  Kordiamin drops for oral administration
 apli Kordiamin adults appoint 15-40kap. two or three p / day. Children are given a drop, counting the number of years - a drop of one year of life. Take the children drop Kordiamin as two or three p / day.

Subcutaneously, intravenously, intramuscularly Kordiamin instructions for an adult is administered by 1-2ml two or three p / day. Permissible adult disposable 2ml dose-daily - 6 ml. Babies Kordiamin administered two or three p / d - 0, 1-0, 75ml (also depending on age). This dosage observed when subcutaneous, intravenous, intramuscular administration of the drug to children.

Is administered intravenously slowly.

Kordiamin as indicated by "poisoning analgesics, hypnotics and narcotic drugs" administered in a dosage of 3-5ml.

To reduce the pain of subcutaneous and intramuscular injections before their administration can inject procaine.

side effects

Application Kordiamin can cause clonic and clonic-tonic (with increasing dose) seizures.

It was also noted the appearance after treatment flushing of the face, the upper half of the body, muscle twitching, nausea, pain at the injection site, vomiting, allergic reactions.