Koprinus capsules
 Koprinus - for the treatment of alcoholism.

Pharmacological action

For the production of means of Koprinus, overwhelming craving for alcohol use Koprinus fungus, which found the substance KOPRIN with the appropriate action.

Koprino, getting into the body, is retained in the liver, it has no effect on the body before entering the blood alcohol. If this occurs, the substance blocks the production of the enzyme, which provides processing of alcohol, due to which ethanol accumulated poisoning begins. As a result, a person feels bad, and gradually begins to feel an aversion to alcohol: the so-formed negative reflex.

Product form

Koprinus release capsules.

Indications Koprinusa

The drug is used to treat chronic alcoholism, drunken alcoholics.

Instructions Koprinusa: how to use

 Koprinus - medication used to treat alcoholism
 Recommended dosage Koprinusa - 4 capsules per day. It helps only if the person takes alcohol, that is, he was given 4 capsules after he drank the first time during the day and if the expected future use of alcohol.

For each person the time of the negative reflex individually - from one to four months. Just be aware that if during the treatment of a person stops drinking, tablets Koprinus not give, and if start drinking again, resuming the medication.

There are reviews of Koprinuse, which take during non-systematic alcoholism. In this case the recommended 3-4 months of treatment, during which the drug is taken with occasional alcohol intake: two capsules 2 times a day for 20 minutes before eating.

Note that Koprinus helps with beer alcoholism, while noting that the reflex of denial of alcohol produced better. There are cases where the systematic use of beer turned into episodic. Therapeutic scheme is the same - 4 capsules per day. In some cases, you can take 6 capsules, but only on prescription.

To treat a patient without his knowledge, it is possible to disclose Koprinus capsule and pour its contents into the food. Good results are observed when the drug is added to the food with mushroom sauce or spiced with mushroom flavor, so more likely it is that the patient did not suspect anything.

Side effects Koprinusa

Mixing alcohol and Koprinusa gives such an effect: the heart begins to beat, there is vomiting, thirst, diarrhea, fever, red skin, difficult speech, may disrupt vision.

A couple of hours the symptoms disappear, but if alcohol is again passed, they resumed.

No reviews on Koprinuse that led to an overdose of serious consequences, but neglect the appointment of a physician and exceed the prescribed dose is not recommended because the above side effects may increase.


Koprinus for instructions contraindicated if you are hypersensitive.