Ointment Konium
 Konium - plant-based remedy, used in dermatology, oncology.

Pharmacological action Koniuma

At the heart of the drug is homeopathic tincture made from spotted Hemlock, which has anticonvulsant, sedative, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect.

It was found that the infusion on the plant dissolves tumors, helps with swollen lymph nodes, has a diuretic effect, removes the headache, heartburn, anxiety, restores menstrual cycle.

As part of ointments Konium - vaseline, anhydrous lanolin, tincture of hemlock.

Product form

Produce ointment and homeopathic granules Konium.


Konium used to treat benign fibrocystic mastitis, mastodynia.

Good reviews of Koniume, used to relieve premenstrual syndrome.

Instructions Konium: how to use

 Homeopathic pellets Konium
 Granules Konium of 8 pieces (a more accurate dosage indicates physician) placed under the tongue, dissolve. Take granules thus 5 p / day. The therapy lasts about 8 weeks.

Ointment Konium for instructions when mastitis or mastodynia applied to the skin over the breast lesion site one p / day, preferably at night. Apply the ointment recommended by the band. The treatment lasts for 2-3 months, during the 1st week of the ointment is applied every day, after which it was used two p / week.

side effects

Konium sometimes cause allergies.

With an overdose of the drug may reduce the pressure. The plant is poisonous hemlock, therefore non-compliance with the dosing regimen, symptoms of poisoning need to call an ambulance, before the arrival of doctors to drink warm water, induce vomiting, drink activated charcoal: one tablet per 10 kg body weight. If the poisoning is severe, you can drink 30 tablets of coal per 10 kg weight.

Symptoms of mild poisoning include nausea, salivation, diarrhea, vomiting. In cases of serious poisoning may develop ascending paralysis: numb limbs felt cold in the body loses sensitivity of the skin, increases asthma, shortness of breath, quickens the heartbeat, muscle twitching.

There are reviews of Konium ointment cause dermatitis.

Contraindications Koniuma

If you are hypersensitive, pregnant, breastfeeding can not take Konium. It is undesirable to give granules for children up to 18 liters, as it is difficult to calculate the adequate dosage.

Precautions Accepted gipotoniki.