Packing drug Kollalizin.
 Kollalizin - enzyme preparation for use in ophthalmology, dermatology.

Pharmacological action

Kollalizin - means for local use, which is in contact with the damaged surface of the eye causes the destruction of collagen and has thus proteolytic activity - destroyed tumor proliferation of connective tissue (keloid tissue).

Product form

Kollalizin discharged as a lyophilisate for dilution, which is introduced into the conjunctiva or applied to the skin.


 The drug Kollalizin ampoules.
 Kollalizin effective in simblefarone - a disease in which the conjunctiva of the eyeball conjunctiva spliced ​​with age, with keloid scars on the skin of the eyelids, the conjunctiva scarring formed after burns.

According to the instructions, you can assign Kollalizin at corneal opacity, vitreous hemorrhage, narrowing (strictures) tear ducts.

Positive feedback on Kollalizine, used to eliminate skin scarring.

Instructions Kollalizina: how to use

Before use, the lyophilisate in an amount of 100 or 500 KE diluted with sodium chloride, procaine or water for injection.

The resulting solution was introduced into a spike, vitreous, scar and other lesions using fonoreza electrophoresis is applied to the skin when necessary.

Before therapy is necessary to make sure that the patient normally transfer solution. For this test dose is administered under the conjunctiva of the affected eye - 1 KE and two days watching the patient.

If you intend to cure scars on the skin, making skin tests: applied to the therapeutic dose and watch the response of a day or two.

Treatment can start if you are not allergic to Kollalizin.

Side effects Kollalizina

There are reviews of Kollalizine, causes ulcers on the cornea, various allergic reactions.

If formed on the cornea ulcer, treatment should be stopped and the patient is prescribed antibiotics, drugs that promote healing: morphine quinine methyluracil.

To eliminate the effects of allergies impose cold, prescribed antihistamines, steroids, calcium.


Instructions for Kollalizin contraindicated in cases where there is no complete epithelization of the cornea after suffering a burn if the disease is complicated simblefaron corneal ulcer, defects in the sclera, blood coagulation in vitreous hemorrhage in the presence of which occupies less than half the volume of the vitreous at hypersensitivity.