Kokkulin - homeopathic preparation, help with motion sickness.

Pharmacological action

Homeopathic remedies Kokkulin helps with motion sickness (affects the autonomic system, suppresses retching), has a bracing effect due to forming part of the components in equal parts: Petroleum, Nux vomica, Cocculus indicus, Tabacum.

Excipients preparation Kokkulin - lactose, sucrose, magnesium stearate.

Product form

Kokkulin release tablets. Permitted without prescription drug.

Indications Kokkulina

The instructions Kokkulin indicated that the drug is effective in the air, sea sickness.

Good reviews of Kokkuline used to prevent, eliminate the symptoms of motion sickness in a car (nausea, retching, weakness).


The instructions Kokkulin stated that the means employed in the individual sensitivity to an agent, lactase deficiency can not. During lactation, pregnancy, the drug is used only on prescription, there are cases of successful use of the drug to relieve symptoms of toxicity during pregnancy.

Children under three years can not assign Kokkulin.

Data on drug interactions with other medications with no negative effects, it can be taken simultaneously with other pharmacological groups. Kokkulin causes daytime sleepiness, does not affect the performance, does not increase the action of sedatives.

On the ability to manage traffic, psychomotor, physical reaction means no effect.

Instructions for use Kokkulina

 Kokkulin effective in preventing symptoms of motion sickness
 Tablets Kokkulin taken not to swallow and dissolve. For the treatment of kinetoses (motion sickness - sickness) should be taken every hour on two tablets. Treatment lasts until such improvement.

To prevent motion sickness Kokkulin take three p / day for two tablets before and during the trip.

Side effects

Reviews Kokkuline mostly positive. In rare cases, hypersensitive to the components may experience allergic reactions.

Data on drug overdose is not fixed.

If you experience any side effects should be replaced, as necessary, seek medical advice if Kokkulin over several trips brought no result. It is noted that the side effects are soon after discontinuation of the drug.