Klopiksol tablets.
 Klopiksol - for the treatment of mental disorders.

Pharmacological action

Klopiksol - is an antipsychotic with an antipsychotic and an inhibitory effect.

Depending on the dose at the beginning of treatment is developing rapidly sedation that are used in the treatment of subacute and acute psychosis.

Fast and pronounced weakening of psychotic symptoms has been observed after a single injection klopiksol and this effect persists for another 2-3 days.

There are reviews of klopiksol, that its sedative effect develops within two hours after injection, it reaches a maximum after 8 hours and then decreases with repeated administration of the drug has little evident.

Product form

Produce a solution for intramuscular injections and pills klopiksol. We have also developed a special formulation klopiksol depot (oil solution) in place to antipsychotic treatment without interruption and prevents recurrence associated with any failure of the drug patients.

Klopiksol akufaz - oil solution in which the active ingredient is contained 4 times less than in the form of a depot.


Klopiksol prescribed for chronic, acute schizophrenia, other psychotic disorders, particularly those accompanied by paranoid delusions, hallucinations, thought disorder.

Effective drug with increased anxiety, aggression, hostility, agitation in the states, in manic-depressive psychosis in the manic phase, mental retardation, accompanied by behavioral disorders, agitation, in dementia with paranoid ideas, disorientation in time, in space, with confusion, breach of conduct.

Klopiksol depot dosage form is prescribed for chronic, acute schizophrenia, for the correction of conditions accompanied by anxiety, aggression, hostility.

Good reviews of klopiksol akufaz, which is used for treatment of acute psychoses, including exacerbated chronic psychosis, manic states.

Instructions klopiksol: how to use

 Klopiksol ampoules.
 In early drug therapy administered in small doses and observe the patient depending on the response to treatment, increase the dosage adjusted to the maximum possible.

In acute schizophrenic attacks, other psychotic disorders in the acute phase, marked by manual agitation klopiksol appoint a dose of 10-50mg / day.

In severe and moderate psychotic disorders drug administered in an initial dose of 20 mg daily. With a break in 2-3 days if necessary increase dose at 10-20mg, on average, up to 75 mg / day.

Chronic schizophrenia, other psychoses, chronic klopiksol tablets administered in a dosage of 20-40mg / day.

Patients suffering from mental retardation in a state of agitation is prescribed to take 6-20mg / day. Increase the dosage if necessary to 20-40mg / day.

When senile disorders that are accompanied by confusion, agitation, klopiksol according to the instructions prescribed in a dose of 2-6mg / day. Take the drug to the patient preferably in the evening. The daily dosage if necessary increased to 10-20mg.

Klopiksol depot administered via deep intramuscular injection. To carry out maintenance treatment medication is administered in a dosage of 200-400mg every 2-4 weeks.

To go with the tablets klopiksol for intramuscular injections, the daily dosage, the provisions for the oral form of the drug is multiplied by 8. The resulting amount of the drug is administered once every 2 weeks. Thus tablets continue to drink during the 1st week after the first injection, but at the same time reduce the dosage.

The solution klopiksol akufaz administered intramuscularly at a dose of 50-150mg. According to the testimony repeatedly stab make in 2-3 days. In some cases, the drug is administered within a day or two after the first injection. Supportive treatment to continue taking the tablets or klopiksol klopiksol depot.

In order to proceed with the form akufaz tablets through 2-3days after the last injection the patient is given 40 mg daily of the drug inside, if possible - in several stages.

For a dosage form akufaz go to the depot, at the same time last injection administered klopiksol akufaz 200-400mg depot. Injection was repeated every 2 weeks. In one syringe to mix the two forms of the drug can be.

Side effects

There are reviews of klopiksol, causing extrapyramidal symptoms (movement disorders), which are eliminated correcting or dosage of the drug prescribed medicines against Parkinson's disease. Also, there may be drowsiness, disturbance of accommodation, dizziness, drop in pressure, constipation, dry mouth, brief changes in liver function tests, urine retention.

Because long-term treatment there dyskinesia (disorder of motor function). In this case, reduce the dose or stop treatment klopiksol.


Klopiksol not take patients poisoned by barbiturates or opioids, in a state of acute alcohol poisoning in a coma.

Nursing and pregnant women is contraindicated klopiksol for instructions.

In appointing the drug consider that it enhances the sedative effect of barbiturates, ethanol, and other substances that depress the nervous system, reduces the severity of the action of levodopa and a similar means. It is undesirable to combine klopiksol with piperazine, metoclopramide.

Judging by the reviews of klopiksol, it should be given with caution to patients suffering from chronic hepatitis, heart disease, convulsions, hypersensitivity.

It is impossible to prescribe a drug at the same time guanetidinom, drugs with the same action.