Kiddie Pharmaton

 Kiddie Pharmaton
 Kiddie Pharmaton belongs to the category of multivitamin and multimineral preparations.

Pharmacological action

Action Kiddie Pharmaton aimed at replenishing vitamin A deficiency among children of different age groups in the period of active growth, as well as recovery of the body after infectious diseases.

The drug regulates metabolic processes in the body, promotes the production of necessary hormones, enzymes, and other biologically active compounds, it promotes better and more proper absorption of food and nutrients contained in it, has a normalizing effect on the nervous system.

Product form

Kiddie Pharmaton drug comes in the form of syrup in bottles with a capacity of 100 and 200 ml, packed in cardboard boxes.

Before use the syrup should be well shaken.

Eventually syrup may become more turbid. This is due to the fact that the composition of its ingredients present fruit syrup. Kiddie Pharmaton, reviews confirm this, while it does not lose its properties and effectiveness.

Indications Kiddie Pharmaton

According to the instructions, Kiddie Pharmaton prescribed in such cases:

  • the period of active growth of the child;
  • vitamin deficiencies;
  • beriberi;
  • lack of vitamins and minerals after an infectious disease;
  • vitamin deficiency due to dieting;
  • lack of vitamins, which arose as a consequence of insufficient they come with food;
  • strong appetite loss or total loss.

It is also advisable to use the drug during the recovery period after surgery and trauma, reviews of Kiddie Pharmaton are proof of that.

Contraindications to receive

Kiddie Pharmaton is not indicated if the patient has:

  • hypercalcemia;
  • hypercalciuria;
  • hypervitaminosis D;
  • abnormalities in the kidneys (renal failure);
  • individual sensitivity to the drug.

Also contraindicated the use of the syrup, if the patient is undergoing therapy, including, among other drugs vitamin D.

Kiddie Pharmaton is not recommended to take during lactation. If use of the drug is needed, feeding at the time of his admission should stop.

Instructions Kiddie Pharmaton: methods of use

Kiddie Pharmaton is taken orally before a meal. If necessary, a small amount of syrup is diluted with water or mixed with food.

The drug is dosed based on the age of the child as follows:

  • up to three years - 2, 5 ml / day:
  • four to six years - 3 ml / day;
  • school-age children is prescribed to take 4 ml of syrup per day.

As a therapeutic drug in accordance with the instructions Kiddie Pharmaton taken once a day:

  • 7, 5 ml of pre-school children (7 years);
  • 15 ml of children over 7 years.

The doctor can be assigned individual dosage of the drug.  Kiddie Pharmaton - syrup for children

Side effects and interactions with other drugs

Currently, no cases of adverse effects on the body Kiddie Pharmaton, patient testimonials confirm this. Cases its negative interactions with other drugs and food is also not known.

Overdose Kiddie Pharmaton

Symptoms resulting from the overdose Kiddie Pharmaton, have a similar to the symptoms of chronic poisoning in vitamin D. This can occur:

  • upset stomach;
  • arrhythmia;
  • headache;
  • weight loss;
  • polyuria;
  • thirst;
  • increase in blood pressure.

If such symptoms occur, you should stop taking Kiddie Pharmaton and contact your doctor.

Overdosage occurs during prolonged chronic poisoning vitamin D, which could lead to disruption of the distribution of calcium in the body, including its concentration in the soft tissues and internal organs, and this, in turn, provokes instability in the operation.

storage conditions

The syrup can be stored for two years in a dry, sheltered from sunlight at room temperature.

After opening the vial preparation is fit for use within one month.

Kiddie Pharmaton may appoint only doctor.