Keto Plus

 Keto Plus - antifungal topical
 Keto plus relates to combination an antifungal agent for topical application.

Product form

Keto plus a shampoo sold in plastic bottles with a capacity of 60 ml, placed in a cardboard box. The preparation consists of two active ingredients: ketoconazole and zinc pyrithione (the role each of them will be discussed below) and the whole deposit excipients which, in fact, give Keto Plus shampoo shape pink color and pleasant odor

Produced drug Indian pharmaceutical company "Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.".

Keto Analogs Plus

If we talk about Keto analogues plus in the full sense of the word, meaning exact match pharmacologically active components, those today in Russian pharmacies there. There are shampoos that contain ketoconazole in the singular: Indian Perhotal, Latvian Mikanisal Belgian Nizoral and domestic Sibazol and Mikozoral. These drugs can also be considered analogous Keto Plus. It is worth mentioning another drug: domestic Skin-cap, containing in the structure a second component Keto plus zinc pyrithione. However, this shampoo is hardly justified to attribute to peers Keto plus, because in the action of this chemical compound is more pronounced antibacterial component, rather than antifungal.

Pharmacological action

Ketoconazole slows the formation of structural elements of the cell wall of fungi - polycyclic alcohol ergosterol and fat triglycerides with phospholipids - causing them to lose the ability to form mycelial threads and unite in vast colonies. In addition, ketoconazole reduces the permeability of the cell wall. Activity ketoconazole apply to a number of representatives of the group of dermatophytes (epidermofiton, microspore, Trichophyton) and yeast-like fungi (Candida, malasseziya).

The second component of Keto Plus - zinc pyrithione - prevents the proliferation of epithelial cells and has antifungal action on pitirosporum (fungus whose livelihoods provokes the excessive flaking of the skin).

The drug has a purely local effect, because its absorption at the application site slightly. System activity is not.

According to consumer reviews of Keto Plus, this shampoo is able to quickly eliminate flaking and itching of the scalp, which is usually associated with the formation of dandruff and so widespread skin disease as seborrheic dermatitis.


 Shampoo Keto Plus
 The drug has a relatively narrow therapeutic specialization. According to the instructions Keto Plus is used to treat fungal infections of the skin (including the scalp), and caused malasseziey pitirosporumom, including:

  • tinea versicolor (a chronic infection that affects the epidermal horny layer of the skin);
  • already mentioned seborrheic dermatitis, localized on the scalp;
  •   all types of dandruff.

Reviews Keto, plus evidence of the success of its use in the prevention of the above-mentioned conditions.

Regulations on the use of Keto Plus

Release form of the drug in the form of a shampoo leaves no other options for its use, but to outside. According to the instructions applied to the plus Keto subjected to fungal attack of skin, aged for 3-5 minutes and then rinsed completely with running water.

Frequency and duration of use of the means of antifungal therapy for pityriasis versicolor and seborrheic dermatitis respectively, is 1 time per day during the week and 2 times a week for one month. Preventive courses more forgiving: once a day for 3-5 days (pityriasis versicolor), and once a week for a month (seborrheic dermatitis).


The shortest chapter in this article: the only contraindication to the use of funds is an individual intolerance of any of the components of the drug. Other negative reviews about Keto Plus is not fixed.

Side effect

In contrast to the mass of other drugs, plus Keto has no contraindications for pregnant and lactating women. This is due to the already mentioned lack of absorption, and therefore - and the systemic effects on the body.

Judging by the reviews of Keto Plus, the drug is well tolerated. The only thing to be feared, because it is local reactions: itching, irritation, dryness, or excessive fat hair, increased hair loss. In some cases (for example, gray or too fond of dyeing his hair people), a change in their color.


Vulnerabilities when using this shampoo are the eyes. If there was negligence contact with eyes, they should immediately rinse thoroughly with water.

Keto Plus may be used in conjunction with external forms of corticosteroids with further gradual withdrawal last for 2-3 weeks.

Instruction Keto plus storage

Requirements for storage conditions of the drug standard: up to 25 C °, eliminating the possibility of access to young children shampoo. Expiration date set by the manufacturer, is 2 years.