Katadolon - drug has analgesic effect
 Katadolon - anesthetic.

Pharmacological action

Katadolon - non-opioid analgesic that is not addictive, has added muscle relaxant and neuroprotective effect.

The active substance is an analgesic - flupirtine, which opens potassium channels, thereby stabilizing the potential of the nerve cells, and inhibition of providing a response to painful stimuli (analgesic effect); blocks the transmission of excitation in neurons, thus removing muscle cramps (muscle relaxant effects); It protects neural structures from the toxic effects of high concentrations of calcium ions (neurotoxic effects).

Product form

Katadolon release capsules.

The analogue Katadolona - preparation of flupirtine.

Indications Katadolona

Due to its complex effects on the nervous, muscular systems use Katadolona effective in chronic and acute pain arising from the development of malignant tumors, muscle cramps (pain in the back and neck, fibromyalgia, arthropathy), during menstruation, after injuries, operations.

Another indication Katadolona a headache.

Dosing Katadolona

 Katadolon capsules
 The capsules are taken orally, they can not chew.

The dosage is adjusted individually, in the instructions indicated Katadolona such treatment regimens:

  • Adult patients can take up to 65l 100mg 3-4 p / day (one capsule) with the same time-breaks between taking the medicine. If pain is severe, it is allowed to take 200 mg (or two capsules) 3 p / day. This takes into account that the maximum allowable dosage - 600mg (or six capsules).
  • Patients after 65l. Katadolon instructions prescribed by taking 100mg of 2 p / day (usually in the morning, evening). Depending on the severity of the pain the dose can be increased to 300mg.
  • Patients suffering from renal insufficiency or hypoalbuminemia may take no more than 300 mg per day.
  • In violation of the liver on the specified indications Katadolon not be taken at a dose exceeding 200 mg per day.

There are reviews of Katadolone applied in doses higher than those specified above, but leave the patient under constant surveillance.

Duration of treatment may be different, but if you expect long-term therapy, you must monitor the activity of liver enzymes.

The analogue Katadolona contains the same active substance, but when it is selected as a replacement should consult a doctor and find the optimal dosage.

Side effects Katadolona

The drug can lead to depression, the appearance of nervousness, headache, confusion, dizziness, blurred vision and a dream, a tremor.

There are reviews of Katadolone, causing nausea, vomiting, bloating, heartburn, dry mouth, poor appetite, indigestion, diarrhea, hepatitis, allergy (hives, itching, rash), increased sweating.

According to these instructions Katadolona side effects than allergy, dose-dependent and in most cases are themselves.

Sometimes during treatment notes urine staining in green.


Application Katadolona not recommended for myasthenia gravis, tinnitus (may increase the activity of liver enzymes), cholestasis, chronic alcoholism, during lactation, pregnancy, hypersensitivity.

Do not prescribe the drug to children under 18 years.

The study included patients taking the drug, and suffering from disorders of the kidneys, liver, hypoalbuminemia and those over 65 years old.

Katadolon and analogue Katadolona slow psychomotor reaction affects the sharpness of focus, which is sure to warn bodied patients.

There are negative reviews about Katadolone who took along with carbamazepine, paracetamol.

In appointing the drug is taken into account that its active ingredient enhances the effect of ethanol, sedatives, muscle relaxants.