Ointment Kartalin
 Kartalin - a treatment for psoriasis.

Pharmacological action

Kartalin is a non-hormonal means of external plant-based, is used to treat serious skin diseases.

The structure means includes extracts of chamomile, succession, oil of lavender and eucalyptus, vitamins A, D, salicylic acid, lysozyme, grease. It has been observed that it is well heals wounds, reduces inflammation.

Positive feedback on Kartalin due to the fact that in the preparation does not contain synthetic and hormonal components. Corticosteroids, which are assessed at different skin problems, are considered to be highly effective, but often cause side effects in the form of hypertrichosis, steroid acne, skin atrophy.

Kartalin due to natural composition does not cause such negative complications of drug dependence.

Form release Kartalin

Producing Kartalin ointment.


The tool is effective in psoriasis, eczema, some species of neurodermatitis, allergic dermatitis.

Instructions Kartalin: how to use

 Kartalin - a drug used to treat psoriasis
 Kartalin applied to diseased skin one or two p / day for 12 hours. Rub the ointment is not recommended.

Judging by the reviews of Kartalin, improvements have been achieved through the first one or two weeks. Note that the first stage of treatment disappear completely psoriatic plaques, are white or dark spots on the skin. In order to achieve this effect, the first 10 days of therapy a skin smear p / day, and then, until it clears, the two p / day. Thereafter, the second fixing stage treatment which lasts on average per month. During this period, the ointment is applied to a p / day. In general, the treatment lasts 2-4 months Kartalin.

Bandages impose on the treated skin is not recommended.

The instructions Kartalin stated that, if there is extensive skin lesions, treatment begins gradually, lubricating the skin on your feet, 3 days - on his hands, even after 3 days - the remaining affected areas.

During treatment should be considered, ointment Kartalin because it contains grease stain sheets and clothing. It is recommended to use special separate sets of underwear.

Side effects Ointments Kartalin

Because you are hypersensitive ointment on the skin may appear oily acne - a manifestation of atopic dermatitis.

Judging by the reviews of Kartalin, with an increased tendency to allergies combination ointment helps with taking antihistamines such as cetirizine, Loratodin, ebastine.


Ointment is contraindicated if you are hypersensitive components.

Sunbathe during treatment with Kartalin caution should - in order to avoid an overabundance of vitamin D.

The instructions Kartalin said that treating ointment skin on the face is not recommended only in extreme cases, a very thin layer and avoiding the eye area. When the swelling, burning should stop to grease the person to see a doctor.

Pregnant women are advised to refrain from using ointment before birth. Because the drug can assign exceptions, but not before the third trimester.

Lactating women, due to lack of systemic exposure Kartalin on the body, you can use the ointment, but only in some areas of the body. In this case, consult a doctor.