Kaltsid - biologically active food supplement.

Pharmacological action kaltsid

Application kaltsid recommended to replenish calcium deficiency in the body.

Get this dietary supplement by the unique processing eggshell, during which modern biotechnology are used exclusively, thereby completely preserved natural set of trace elements, which contain shells. Additionally, it introduced a number of vitamins.

Product form

Kaltsid dosage forms are tablets containing a variety of vitamins, calcium and egg shells. As an auxiliary component serves MCC.

Sold in pharmacies without a prescription in packs of 10, 20, 30 or 100 pieces.

Indications kaltsid

Analyzing reviews kaltsid, it may be noted that the drug is effective in the following cases:

  • in the prevention of osteoporosis;
  • for complex treatment and prevention of deficiency of vitamins B, C, D3, calcium;
  • for complex treatment and prevention of rickets;
  • when defective or unbalanced diet;
  • to enhance immunity, which caused a decrease of infectious diseases;
  • in cardiovascular diseases;
  • at the psycho-emotional or physical stress and adverse environmental conditions.

Kaltsid recommended during pregnancy, it is also useful for women who are breastfeeding.

The drug can be recommended for intensive growth of children.


Instruction kaltsid confirms that the only contraindication may be individual intolerance of any component of the drug.

It is mandatory before using kaltsid need to consult a doctor.

Instructions kaltsid: methods of use

 Form release kaltsid supplements - pills
 Instruction kaltsid indicates that the drug is intended for internal use. You can hold the reception for 20-30 minutes before or during the meal. To wash down pills need little water.

Kaltsid recommend taking children like: children up to 3 years: 1 tablet per day, from 3 to 6 years old - is 2 tablets per day. But children who are older than 6 years old, and adults may be recommended 3 tablets daily reception.

side effects

The only possible side effect may be allergic reactions, but in consultation with the doctor of the course and comply with all instructions of the action can be easily avoided.

Conditions and terms

Kaltsid can be stored no longer than 2 years in a dry, dark place at a temperature not exceeding 25 about FROM.