Kagocel - an antiviral agent.

Pharmacological action

Kagocel is a preparation from the group of interferon inducers.

Application Kagocel protects against ionizing radiation, the drug acts as an immunostimulant, exhibits antiviral activity.

Kagocel promotes production of interferon in the different cells involved in the immune response.

Product form

Kagocel release tablets.

Indications Kagocel

According to the instructions Kagocel administered to children older than 6 liters and adults with influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections, while HSV infection.

Another indication Kagocel - urogenital chlamydiosis (the drug involved in the complex therapy).

Good reviews of Kagocel used for prophylaxis during an epidemic of SARS and influenza.

Instructions for use Kagocel

 Kagocel pills
 Perhaps the only internal use Kagocel while not chew the tablet, not crushed, swallowed whole. Take a pill, regardless of mealtime. Usually, the dosage for each patient expects the doctor.

The instructions Kagocel for adult patients are given such advice:

  • for the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza take two tablets r / day for the first two days of the disease. After drinking one tablet three p / day. The treatment lasts 4 days. In the course it is usually not necessary to take more than 18 tablets.
  • For the treatment of herpes infections, chlamydia urogenital take two tablets three p / day. The treatment lasts for 5 days.
  • To prevent SARS, influenza appoint week course of treatment: take two tablets a p / day for two days, after over five days Kagocel not accept. Prevention can last a week or several months, during which the assets are repeating week courses.

Children older than 6 years according to the instructions prescribed Kagocel using such schemes:

  • For the treatment of influenza, SARS take one tablet three p / day for two days and then begin to take one tablet two p / day. Treatment lasts 4d. During the course you must take no more than 10 tablets.
  • To prevent influenza, SARS prevention prescribed weekly cycles: give the child one tablet one p / day for two days, after over five days Kagocel not accept. Prevention can spend a week or a few months, during which repeated weekly cycles.

side effects

Reviews Kagocel generally positive.

In rare cases, it may be hypersensitive to the drug allergy.

Contraindications Kagocel

Do not appoint Kagocel by indications: hereditary galactose intolerance, lactase deficiency Lapa, galactose malabsorption, glucose, hypersensitivity.

Do not use the drug during pregnancy, lactation, for the treatment of children up to 6 liters.