Combined preparation Izotreksin.
 Izotreksin - combined synthetic drug for the treatment of acne.

Pharmacological action

Active components Izotreksina anti-inflammatory, anti-seborrhoeic and keratolytic action:

  • Isotretinoin, the biologically active form of vitamin A, regulates epithelial cell growth and differentiation, and also helps to reduce sebum production and reduce inflammation around the gland;
  • Erythromycin has an antimicrobial effect and reduces the population Propionebacterium acnes., Contribute to the formation of acne.

Izotreksin on responses most effective for mild to moderate severity of the disease.

Product form

Izotreksin discharged as a light yellow gel for topical application 1 g of the preparation contains 500 mg and isotretinoin 20 mg erythromycin. Excipients - butylhydroxytoluene, giproloza and ethanol. The tubes of 6, 25, 30, 40 and '50

Analogs Izotreksina containing the same active ingredients, do not release. If necessary Izotreksin can be replaced by drugs that have similar mechanism of action and belong to the same pharmacological subgroup - adapalene Videstim, Differin, Differin, Klenzit, Radevit, Retasol, Retinoic ointment Adaklin, Effezel, Adolat.

Indications Izotreksina

According to the instructions Izotreksin indicated for use in the treatment of acne mild to moderate severity.


Izotreksin and analogues of the drug is contraindicated to use before the age of 12 years and in case of hypersensitivity to the components of the gel. When planned and established pregnancy and lactation use Izotreksina contraindicated.

Dosing Izotreksina

 Package with a drug Izotreksina.
 According to the instructions Izotreksin applied externally, causing the gel to the affected area with a thin layer twice a day. The effect of treatment on Izotreksinom reviews may develop over the past two months.

When using Izotreksina not be simultaneously used other drugs, which have keratolytic or exfoliative properties, including medicines from the group of retinoids. In addition, it should be noted that the effect of the drug may be weakened while the application c antibiotics tetracycline group, as well as topical application of glucocorticoid agents.

When applied to the skin Izotreksina and analogues of the drug are advised to avoid contact with mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and eyes, as well as care use in patients on sensitive areas of skin, especially on the neck and around the eyes.

side effects

According to reviews Izotreksin often cause dermatologic reactions that manifest themselves as a slight feeling of burning, stinging and irritation, photosensitivity, and erythema and scaling of the skin at the site of the drug. To avoid photosensitivity during therapy Izotreksinom should not spend much time in the sun.

Side effects most often occur in the first two weeks of treatment. If they do occur it is recommended to interrupt treatment for several days, and if symptoms persist, discontinue use of Izotreksina recommended.

storage conditions

Izotreksin can be purchased without a doctor's prescription. The recommended shelf life of the gel - 2 years.