Ipecac plant
 Ipecac - a herbaceous plant found in Brazil. It is widely used in folk and official medicine, refers to a group of homeopathic remedies.

Pharmacological action Ipecac

Ipecac is a drug means exclusively of vegetable origin. Roots ipecac contain a sufficiently large amount of citric and malic acids, alkaloids (including emetine, ametamin, psihotrin, and tsefaelin protoeietin), choline, saponins, and phytosterols ipekakuanina glycoside.

The drug is based on the roots of the plant is a good expectorant effect due to the ability of plants phlegm, reflexively increase the secretory function of the bronchial glands, as well as to increase the activity of the villi of the airway epithelium.

It is noted that the larger doses of ipecac root preparations can cause irritation to the gastric mucosa which may lead to a prolonged period, followed by nausea vomiting.

Product form

Because the root plants make powder, infusion and decoction, which in small doses and used for medicinal purposes.

Indications Ipecac

According to the instructions, Ipecac has the main indications for use: chronic and acute inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, accompanied by labored expectoration.


Since Ipecac is considered a vegetable preparation, she is not very many contraindications, but still should not take the medicine people with hypersensitivity to any component of the drug, as well as pregnant and nursing mums.

Instructions Ipecac: methods of use

Instructions for Ipecac indicates that the drug is intended for internal use only.  Ovarium kompozitum - preparation on the basis of the root of ipecac
 In most cases, the medicine administered in combination therapy, in monotherapy but it is highly effective. Doses of Ipecac, as the duration of treatment, only a doctor can determine on an individual basis, and it depends on whether the dosage form to be used.

side effects

In some cases, reception of Ipecac may be accompanied by nausea and a number of allergic reactions, but these symptoms are unlikely, if you follow the instructions of the doctor.

storage conditions

Store this medication on the basis of Ipecac should be in a dry and dark place at room temperature. It is important that access to medicines did not have children.