Inulin - a drug that regulates metabolic processes
 Inulin - herbal preparation regulating metabolic processes.

Useful properties Inulin

Inulin - the substance has a high biological activity, and are isolated from fruits artichoke, asparagus, artichoke, dandelion, elecampane, garlic, chicory, echinacea, mother and stepmother, scorzonera. It is established that it is peculiar to regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, to prevent energy deficit that develops in patients with diabetes.

The product replaces glucose when it ceases to be acquired, a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora, helping to develop Bifidus bacteria, promotes excretion of toxins, toxins, radionuclides, salts, absorption of important minerals and vitamins.

Useful properties of inulin cause and its member amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and help to produce insulin, to restore blood sugar; methionine, arginine, threonine - prevent the development of fatty liver; phenylalanine and tryptophan - reduces appetite.

Some manufacturers to increase the bioavailability of the drug is added to the composition of the bran, which contain vitamins PP, C, E, dietary fiber, juices or extracts of parsley, rose hips, ginseng, celery, licorice, viburnum, eleutherococcus.

Judging by the reviews of inulin, the drug is not toxic, rarely causes allergies.

Product form

Inulin is available in capsules.


 Inulin capsules
 Inulin according to the instructions recommend to use diabetes first and second types, patients with atherosclerosis, ischemia, obesity, stroke, osteochondrosis, immunodeficiency, or suffering from gallstones kidney disease, constipation, contact with radionuclides.

Besides good reviews inulin, used to support energy balance during the observance of a low calorie diet.

Inulin Guide: how to use

Take supplements recommend 2 tablets 3 p / day with meals. Depending on the condition of the patient in some cases may take to assign to 10 capsules per day.

side effects

No serious side effects were found food additive. In the case of intolerance to the components may begin allergy.

Contraindications Inulin

The main contraindication Inulin is its intolerance. In addition, do not practice to use an additive for the treatment of children up to 12l.