Interferon human
 Interferon - means for strengthening the immune defense.

Pharmacological action

Interferon increases the defenses of the human body, it interferes with the defeat viruses.

The most widely used interferon alpha (also known as Interferon human) - anti-viral, anti-tumor, immunomodulatory agent. This subclass interferon inhibits viruses and chlamydia, the growth of tumor cells, normalizes the immune status.

Product form

Produce Interferon powder, suppositories.


According to the description, Interferon alpha is prescribed for acute hepatitis B, hepatitis B chronic active, chronic hepatitis C, tick-borne encephalitis, genital warts, triholeykoze, multiple myeloma, lymphoma nehodzhikinskoy, lymphoma, cutaneous T-cell, Kaposi's sarcoma in patients with AIDS, chronic myeloid leukemia, carcinoma bladder, kidney, melanoma, respiratory papillomatosis of the larynx, thrombocytosis primary, secondary, retikulosarkome, transitional form of chronic granulocytic leukemia and myelofibrosis.

Candles include human interferon in the treatment of secondary immunodeficiency states, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome.

Also effective rectal suppositories for children 2-12l Interferon - in the treatment of acute hepatitis.

According to the description and reviews, practitioners and local application of interferon - a dripping nose and eyes. Intranasal administration is carried out for the treatment and prevention of SARS and influenza. In the eyes of the interferon solution is dropped in viral diseases of the eye (conjunctivitis, keratitis, keratouveit).

Instructions for use of Interferon

For the prevention of SARS (incl flu) Interferon human dripping nose on 5kap. two p / day (taking a break in 6h.). For this solution is prepared: one vial with 2 ml of diluted drug. boiled or distilled water.

 Interferon candles
 For the treatment of SARS according to the instructions Interferon should be used at the first sign of the disease.

It is best to use inhalation drug (in the mouth or nose). For one inhalation of the contents of three vials diluted in 10 ml. heated to 37grd water. They spend two p / day with an interval of 1-2h. When backfilling nose contents of one vial was dissolved in 2 ml. of water and 5 drops administered into each nostril every 1-2h. at least 5 p / day. for 2-3dn.

Interferon is recommended for children mainly used as a prophylactic agent during epidemics of SARS.

For the use of the drug for other indications are given such instructions Interferon dosage:

When leukemia hairy interferon treatment starts with 3 million. IU / day. for 16-24ned .; lymphoma, cutaneous T cell, Kaposi's sarcoma in AIDS - 3-18mln.ME / day; melanoma - 18mln.ME three p / wk. for 8-12ned .; chronic myeloid leukemia - 3-9mln.ME / day for 8-12ned .; Chronic hepatitis B is active - 4 5mln.ME three p / wk. for six months; Chronic hepatitis C treatment begins with 6m. IU three p / wk. for three months, after three months of taking 3 million IU three p / wk. Second, primary thrombocytosis start to treat, taking 2 million IU of interferon alfa day for 4-5ned. (Take only five days a week).

Description of side effects of interferon and reviews

According to the description and reviews, interferon can cause muscle, headache, fever, weakness, sweating, vomiting, dry mouth, diarrhea, loss of appetite, weight gain, bloating, constipation, nausea, heartburn, hepatitis, impaired hepatic function, impaired vision, depression, sleep disturbances, increased perilstatiku, skin rashes, itching, dizziness, ischemic retinopathy, joint pain, nervousness.

Contraindications Interferon

Interferon for instructions contraindicated in severe heart disease, severe liver disease, renal disease, acute myocardial infarction, epilepsy, disorders of the blood, chronic hepatitis with decompensated cirrhosis of the liver.

Patients with chronic hepatitis B, which previously received immunosuppressants, interferon is not recommended.

Despite the fact that interferon is shown for children, it is not recommended during pregnancy and nursing.