Humalog - a treatment for diabetes.

Pharmacological properties

Humalog is  Cartridge pen Humalog
 a synthetic analogue of human insulin short acting. It regulates glucose metabolism in the body, reducing its level in blood. The excess glucose as glycogen stored in the muscles and liver. Insulin Humalog accelerates the synthesis of proteins, amino acid intake, slows breakdown of glycogen to glucose, inhibits the formation of glucose from fats and proteins.

Short-acting insulin is usually combined with a basal for better control of blood glucose. The duration of action of Humalog will vary from patient to patient and depends on many factors.

In the case of type 2 diabetes in the preparation of the patient at the same time hypoglycemic agents in tablets and insulin control of blood sugar reliable. This is reflected in the decrease in glycated hemoglobin values ​​at the control treatment. Humalog reduces the incidence reduction in blood sugar levels at night. Condition of the liver, kidney patient has no influence on the metabolism of the drug.

According to the instructions Humalog rapidly absorbed and becomes effective after 15 minutes after the administration, so it can be administered 15 minutes before a meal, as opposed to other short-acting insulin, which makes 30 - 45 minutes. Its shorter duration of action than regular human insulin, and is only 2 - 5 hours.

Form release Humalog

Humalog by manual release in vials of 10 ml (40 or 100 IU of insulin in 1 ml) and cartridges handles 1, 5 and 3 ml (100 IU / ml).

Indications Humalog

The drug lowers blood glucose level in diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2.


Do not use Humalog with a decrease in blood glucose levels below normal, and in case of hypersensitivity to the drug.

Instructions for use Humalog

The drug is administered subcutaneously by injection or insulin pump immediately before the meal. Places of introduction - shoulder, hip, abdomen or buttocks. It should alternate them so that at one injection site is not repeated twice in one month, it will warn the thinning of the subcutaneous tissue. We need to try not to fall in the blood vessels. Do not rub the injection site after the injection for better absorption of the drug.

In extreme cases, insulin Humalog acceptable administered intravenously in physiological saline solution (operation ketoacidosis, etc..). Before injection make sure that the solution is warmed to room temperature.

The dose of Humalog  Humalog Vial
 individually for each patient and is calculated by your doctor. The pen for injection should not mix different insulins.

Humalog works less efficiently when taken with corticosteroids, oral contraceptives, drugs for the treatment of thyroid cancer, nicotinic acid. Enhances the action of insulin, ethanol, salicylates, ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers.

During pregnancy and lactation the introduction of insulin is acceptable, but need a more careful control of blood sugar levels. During breast-feeding often requires restatement dose due to an increase in insulin requirements. The drug is approved for use in children.

side effects

Sometimes an overdose or reaction of the individual characteristics of the organism Humalog can cause a decrease in blood glucose - hypoglycemia.

Occasionally there are allergic reactions to the drug in the form of rashes, redness, itching, in severe cases - angioedema.

The injection site can be marked depletion of subcutaneous fat - lipodystrophy.