AND  Instenon
 nstenon - a drug that affects the blood circulation of the brain.

Pharmacological action

Instenon - combined means active substances which are hexobendine, etamivan, etofillin.

When using instenon decrease spasms, dilates blood vessels, improves metabolic processes in the brain, is stimulated vasomotor center, appears mild diuretic effect.

There are positive reviews of Instenon, that it improves the brain function when impaired blood flow, hypoxia, ischemia.

Product form

Instenon release tablets with the content of active ingredients: hexobendine - 20mg, etamivan - 50mg, etofillin - 60mg.

Produce and tablets with a high content of active ingredients (Instenon forte): hexobendine - 60mg, etamivan - 100mg, etofilin - 60mg.

Also releasing the drug in a solution containing 10 mg hexobendine, etamivan 50mg, 100mg etofillina.


Application instenon recommended for the treatment of ischemic stroke, and post-traumatic encephalopathy dyscirculatory, residual symptoms after stroke, vascular dystonia, other manifestations of insufficient blood supply to the brain.

Instructions for use instenon

 Instenon pills
 Tablets Instenon intended for internal use, the solution can be administered intramuscularly, intravenously.

Inside drug is usually taken for chronic forms of poor blood supply to the brain (cerebrovascular insufficiency). Assign take one tablet Instenon fort or two tablets with a reduced amount of active substances - two or three p / day 3-4ned.

In acute ischemia, cerebral hypoxia is administered intramuscularly, intravenously, one vial (1 ml) 1-3 p / day for 3-5sut. (Or until a noticeable improvement). According to the instructions Instenon solution diluted in the same proportion: one vial of the drug to 200 ml sodium chloride solution or 5% glucose.

side effects

Negative reviews Instenon, his tolerance is not enough.

It was found that with the rapid introduction of the drug intravenously (one ampoule should not be administered less than three minutes) may appear tachycardia, headache, facial flushing.

Contraindications instenon

According to the instructions Instenon contraindicated in epilepsy, cerebral hemorrhage, increased intracranial pressure, in a state of increased excitability, when seizures.

There are cases when the destination instenon pregnancy to improve placental circulation before birth.

The need for use of the drug during this period solved positively only on the basis of fetal heart beat cardiogram, ultrasound, so we can not on their own without a doctor's prescription to take Instenon in pregnancy (during breastfeeding and can not be taken Instenon).

During the course of treatment must be very careful in the management mechanisms that require attention, driving vehicles. It should also be borne in mind that under the influence of caffeine decreases the therapeutic effect of the drug (can not be used in large amounts of coffee, tea).