The antiviral drug Ingaron
 Ingaron - antiviral drug

Pharmacological action

Ingaron - a human interferon gamma, which tend to block the viral RNA and DNA, to stop the production of viral proteins.

Product form

Producing Ingaron a freeze-dried product for dilution and a solution for intranasal use (in the nose), or administered subcutaneously, intramuscularly.

Indications Ingaron

Subcutaneous or intramuscular administration Ingaron practice for the treatment of viral chronic hepatitis B and C, AIDS, HIV, tuberculosis, lung cancer, chronic prostatitis, urogenital chlamydia, genital herpes viral infection and herpes zoster, treatment of anogenital warts caused by human papillomavirus.

There Ingaron reviews, be effectively applied in the prevention of complications of an infectious nature in patients with chronic granulomatosis.

A solution for treating nasal mucous used in the treatment, prevention of influenza, SARS.

Instructions Ingaron: how to use

 Ingaron as a lyophilisate for solution
 Ingaron subcutaneously or intramuscularly for the treatment of hepatitis C, AIDS, HIV, pulmonary administered doses of 500 to 000 IU single row / day every day or in one day. Therapy lasts 1-3mes., Repeat the treatment only through 1-2mes.

To prevent infectious complications in patients with chronic granulomatosis drug is also administered in doses of 500 000 IU / day every day or every other day. On one course has to 5-15 injections if necessary by indications undergo re, it can only be done in 10-14 days or prolong treatment.

At oncological diseases daily dosage for adults in an average of 500 000 IU administered Ingaron as a day or a day.

If the genital herpes virus infection, herpes zoster, urogenital chlamydiosis one p / day or every other day subcutaneously administered 500,000 IU. The therapeutic course consists of 5 shots.

When chronic prostatitis Ingaron daily dosage for adults is 100 000 IU administered medication every other day or one p / day subcutaneously. For the treatment will need to make 10 shots.

In the presence of anogenital warts kriodekstruktsii drug administered after (treatment of warts with liquid nitrogen) in a dosage of 100 000 IU, one row / day subcutaneously or every other day. To remedy must be made at least 5 shots.

Ingaron intranasal when the first symptoms of SARS, influenza drip 2 drops in each nostril 5p / day after cleansing the nasal passages. Treatment lasts 5-7 days.

Also instructions Ingaron stated that to prevent influenza, SARS, when hypothermia or after contact with an infected person, you can drop 2-3 drops in each nostril for half an hour before meals a day for 10 days. If contact with an infected SARS flu or was once, to prevent infection rather drip nose once.

To drop Ingaron evenly distributed, it is recommended after instillation massage nostrils a few minutes.

Side effects Ingaron

Ingaron for subcutaneous and intramuscular injection can cause reddening of the skin, unexpressed pain at the injection site.

There are reviews Ingaron that at a dose of more than 1 million IU causes weakness, joint pain, fever, headaches. If these flu-like symptoms are mild, they do not require treatment, if there is deterioration can take paracetamol.

Comments about Ingaron nasal, cause negative side effects there.


All dosage forms according to the instructions Ingaron contraindicated during pregnancy, in case of hypersensitivity.

Solution for subcutaneous, intramuscular injection is contraindicated in diabetes mellitus, autoimmune diseases.

Nasal Ingaron contraindicated in children up to 7 yrs.