Ingalipt - antimicrobial cold based on essential oils.

Pharmacological action

Ingalipt is a combined drug for local use.

Its active ingredients include sulfonamides, has antimicrobial effects (effects on the microorganisms that cause diseases in the oral cavity), thymol, peppermint oil and eucalyptus, which are peculiar antifungal (active against fungi Candida), antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, a mild analgesic effect.

Among the excipients of the drug are ethyl alcohol, streptocid.

Product form

Producing spray Ingalipt for irrigation of the mouth and throat.


According to the instructions Ingalipt used to treat tonsillitis, stomatitis and aphthous ulcer, laryngitis.

Seen the positive effect of a spray when used to relieve pain in the throat with angina, influenza.

Instructions for use Ingalipt

 Spray ingalipt
 The means employed locally. Spray Ingalipt sprayed into the mouth one or two seconds (thus, applied 0, 3-0, 5g of the drug), first removing the safety cap. Ingalipt applied three or four p / day (less than five times a day).

Before using the spray is necessary to rinse your mouth with boiled water, place ulcerations can be treated with a solution of baking soda.

Instructions for use of the drug for children Ingalipt same.

side effects

The spray can cause allergic reactions due to individual sensitivity to its components, a short burning sensation, sore throat.

Sometimes the drug causes vomiting, nausea.

Children Ingalipt because a part of essential oils often causes a rash with redness.

Also, women are more prone to allergies applying Ingalipt during pregnancy.

Contraindications Ingalipt

The instructions Ingalipt indicated that the drug should not be used if the patient is found hypersensitivity to essential oils, which is part of a spray, sulfonamides and other components thereof.

Because of the risk of irrigations during the spasm of the larynx Ingalipt contraindicated for children under 3 years.

The instructions of the drug no warnings about the use of Ingalipt during pregnancy, but doctors still do not recommend the use of spray in that period because it contained alcohol, thymol, sulfonamides and such strong allergens as essential oils.