Influcid solution
 Influcid - homeopathic medicine to treat colds.

Pharmacological action Influcid

Influcid used for colds.

This is - anti-inflammatory agent with a mucolytic effect, strengthens the immune system, helps to relieve the heat reserved sputum.

Product form

Produce solution and tablets Influcid.


Application Influcid effective for prevention, treatment of acute respiratory viral infections.

Instructions for use Influcid

Tablets Influcid children up to 12l. in acute illness appoint take the 1st tablet every two hours.

Permissible dose - 8 p / day. Once the condition improves, it is possible to take one tablet three r / day.

Adults and children over 12 liters. appoint one tablet every hour. Permissible dose - no more than 12 / day. After improving take one or two tablets three p / day.

For the prevention of colds for children up to 12l. give one tablet three Influcid p / day. Children older than 12l., Adult appointed to take a preventive measure one or two tablets three p / day.

Take tablets half an hour before / after meals. They are not made to swallow, only to dissolve. Children are allowed if necessary to dissolve the tablet before taking a small amount of water.

The solution Influcid adults and children after 12l. in acute conditions prescribed take 10kap. every hour.

Permissible dose - 12kap. in a day. After removing the aggravation take 10-20kap. three p / day.

 Influcid pills
 Take solution Influcid half hour before / after meals, some time before swallowing it held in the mouth.

When SARS prevention accept 10-20kap. Influcid three p / day.

In the opinion of Influcid, improvement in the acute stage of the disease occurs in two days. If not, the instruction Influcid indicated that the drug should be discontinued. Also, stop taking it follows if the patient's condition deteriorated.

Side effects

Negative reviews Influcid not.

Contraindications Influcid

Not recommended for use Influcid pregnant, nursing women, only on special grounds.

Also, the drug is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity, children up to 3 years (clinical data on the safety of Influcid at this age are not available).

The solution according to the instructions Influcid because it contained 96% of ethyl alcohol is contraindicated in children.

In tablet form Influcid not be taken in patients with lactose intolerance, celiac disease.

At the time of treatment may be taking other medicines.