Gel Infagel
 Infagel - anticancer and antiviral agent.

Pharmacological action Infagelya

Infagel contains recombinant interferon alpha-2, which has a high antiviral activity, reduces inflammation, inhibits the growth of tumors, strengthens the immune system.

Product form

Ointment, gel, powder.


The tool is effective in chronic hepatitis C, B, acute hepatitis B, in leukemia hairy, chronic myeloid leukemia, renal cell carcinoma, Kaposi's sarcoma, which developed because of AIDS, lymphoma cutaneous T-cell, melanoma malignancy.

There are positive reviews Infagele applied at zoster and herpes simplex, gingivitis, stomatitis caused by herpes, recurrent herpes on the face or genitals.

You can use Infagel for the prevention of SARS and influenza.

Instructions Infagelya: how to use

For the treatment of herpetic skin lesions gel is applied with a thin layer two p / day every 12 hours. After 10-15 minutes of treatment of the skin should wait until the gel or ointment dries to form a protective film. The treatment lasts for 3-5 days until the skin or mucous membranes will not heal.

To prevent SARS, the flu need two p / day to lubricate the gel, ointment nasal passages.

The powder was used to prepare a solution which is administered intramuscularly, subcutaneously. On average, the effective therapeutic dose is 1-18 million units. A solution exclusively before administration.

Regarding the possibility of using children Infagelya opinions are divided. There are pediatricians that based on the data on the safety of interferon protein for the human body, appointed Infagel for children of different ages in the manifestations of common cold, for the prevention of SARS and influenza. At the same instructions to the drug is an indication that for children up to two years, as well as during lactation, pregnancy Infagel not be used.  Ointment Infagel

Side effects

Due to the use of Infagelya may develop flu-like symptoms may begin vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, trembling of the hands, feet, sleepiness, dizziness, arrhythmia, may disrupt the liver, the blood picture.

There are reviews Infagele, causes an increase or decrease in pressure.

For headaches or elevated temperature caused by the drug, acetaminophen helps.

Contraindications Infagelya

Infagel of instructions suitable for violations expressed kidney, liver, severe cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy, hypersensitivity during an exacerbation of existing disease.

Infagel administered during pregnancy in extreme cases.