Infacol - a means to eliminate colic in children.

Pharmacological action

The active substance Infacol - simethicone, which reduces the tension of the gas bubbles in the gut, combines them, thereby facilitating their excretion.

By its action is similar to simethicone antifoam (containing silica).

The tool does not have a systemic effect on the body is not absorbed in the intestine and does not affect the absorption of minerals and vitamins, is not fermented by microorganisms, appears unchanged in the feces.

The product is designed specifically for babies, so reviews of Infacol mostly good. It is easy to dose, do not need further diluted in milk or water, it tastes good (adjuvant - sodium saccharin), which also facilitates therapy.

Product form

Producing Infacol in suspension in bottles of 50, 75, 100ml, which included convenient dropper dispenser.


The drug is only used in pediatrics. Apply Infacol for newborns, to relieve intestinal cramps, eliminate bloating and painful colic, caused by the accumulation of gas bubbles in the intestinal lumen.

Instructions for use Infacol

According to the instructions Infacol used only inside.

 Infacol for newborns
 Dilute the suspension is not recommended. Typically, the duration of treatment and the dosage determines the observing pediatrician, but most often for the newborn Infacol appointed to take on 0, 5 ml immediately prior to each feeding. There are cases where a single dose was increased up to 1 ml (equal to 40 mg of simethicone), but it can only do consulting your pediatrician.

Judging by the reviews of Infacol maximum relief of the child there two or three days after the start of his administration.

Side effects

Serious side effects in Infacol not, only in some cases, children appeared allergic reaction (itching, rash, urticaria), provoked by individual intolerance child drug.

Data on overdose Infacol not, it is believed that exceed the dose of the drug with negative consequences for the child is impossible, since means active ingredient and physiologically inert and chemically.

Contraindications Infacol

The only contraindication according to the instructions Infacol is a hypersensitivity to the drug. If it appears, means should be abolished. There is also a warning that Infacol not intended for adults, elderly patients.