Imunofan injections
 Imunofan - immune-stimulating drug.

Pharmacological action

Immunofan stimulates the immune system, has a hepatoprotective effect, performs a detoxifying function.

Imunofan operates through two to three hours after application. The full effect can be expected in four months.

Action Immunofan is in three stages:

  • rapid phase - lasts about three days, beginning two to three hours after administration. Inhibit the production of inflammatory markers, decreases the level of bilirubin, liver enzymes.
  • The middle phase - lasting for about 10 days, starting three days after application. Killed intracellular bacteria, because of what may develop worsening in areas of inflammation.
  • The slow phase. It lasts about four months, starting on day 10. It forms an immunoglobulin A, regulated humoral, cellular immunity, increases the amount of specific antibodies.

Application Imunofan well combined with steroids and nesteroidami.

Product form

Producing a solution for subcutaneous or intramuscular injections and rectal suppositories Imunofan.


According to the instructions Imunofan used to treat immune deficiencies in children and adults with kriptosporah, toxoplasmosis, chlamydia, herpes of the first, the second type, cytomegalovirus.

Assign Imunofan to treat tumors provoked by the human papilloma virus, psoriasis, brucellosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diphtheria, a bacterial endocarditis, burns, poorly healing wounds.

Good reviews of imunofanom, used in treatment of chronic hepatitis B and C, HIV, AIDS, cancer pathology.

Instructions for use Imunofan

 Imunofan candles
 Cancer patients injections Imunofan do in a day, one p / day. Before radiotherapy, chemotherapy is prescribed therapy of 3-5 injections. Before the operation - 2-3 injections.

For the treatment of cytomegalovirus, chlamydia, herpes 1st, 2nd type, Toxoplasma, kriptospor take 1ml. Imunofan one p / d., With a break for three days. Over the entire course of treatment inject 10-15ml. You can apply and candles Imunofan - 15-20sht. for the entire course. Put them one p / day., Every day.

When viral chronic hepatitis, brucellosis appoint 1ml. one p / day with a break of four days. In the course of taking 8-10ml (15-20 candles that put one p / day. Every day).

When diphtheria Imunofan for instructions take one p / day. every day - 1ml or a candle. During therapy used 8-10ml 8-10 or candles.

In bacterial endocarditis, burns, non-healing wounds used injections Imunofan one p / day. - 1 ml. Treatment lasts - 7-20 days.

In psoriasis also appoint one 1ml p / day., But treatment lasts 8-10dn. Candles put a p / night for one thing, but treatment lasts 15-20dn.

Application Imunofan rheumatoid arthritis: 1ml one p / day. with a break in 4d. During treatment used to 20ml. Candles put on one piece 1 time in 3d. Total for the course must be 8-10 pieces.

side effects

Judging by the reviews Imunofan rarely causes side effects, occasional allergic reactions.

Contraindications Imunofan

Application Imunofan contraindicated in children up to 2 years, pregnant women with Rh-conflict, in case of hypersensitivity.