Impaza - a means for the treatment of male sexual function.

Pharmacological action

After applying Impaza during sexual stimulation improves blood filling the cavernous bodies of the penis, which ensures the normal duration and strength of erections.

There are positive reviews of Impaza, that the drug increases the feeling of sexual satisfaction, stimulates sexual desire. Furthermore, after prolonged treatment in men increases blood testosterone (provided that before the level was too low).

Product form

Impaza release tablets


As shown Impaza instructions for treating erectile dysfunction, manifested, for various reasons, including occurred as a complication of heart disease or after treatment with nitrates.

Impaza effective for menopausal syndrome in men - reduces vegetative-vascular symptoms (irritability, impairment of libido, fatigue).

Instructions for use Impaza

 Impaza pills
 In order to cause an erection, take one tablet two hours, an hour before sexual intercourse.

To stabilize the potency of treatment of vegetative-vascular disorders during male menopause Impaza take over 12 weeks: a day take one pill, usually in the evening (on doctor's orders can apply the treatment regimen with the daily administration of the drug). During medical treatment, if necessary, an hour before intercourse to ensure normal erection can take another tablet.

Through 4-6mes. treatment of vegetative-vascular abnormalities and disorders of potency can be repeated.

There are reviews of Impaza, that the positive effect lasts for another six months after the course.

The tablet Impaza not swallow, keep it in the mouth until it is dissolved.

Side effects

After applying Impaza may have a hypersensitivity reaction to its components.

There have been documented cases of drug overdose. It manifests dyspepsia - indigestion, discomfort in the digestive tract, abdominal pain.

Contraindications Impaza

As indicated in the instructions Impaza, it is contraindicated if you are hypersensitive drug.

Impaza and alcohol can be taken at the same time, threatening the health of it will not cause reactions. However, during testing, it was found that this decreases efficacy. If this happens, a man undergoing treatment should no longer combine Impaza and alcohol.

It is not recommended to use the drug in congenital galactosemia, lactase deficiency, malabsorption syndrome glucose, galactose - due to the fact that its composition is lactose.