Immunomax - is an immunomodulatory agent that stimulates the immune system of the person. It consists of isolated from potato sprouts and acidic components of the cell membrane - peptidoglycan.  Immunomax lyophilisate

Product form

Drug itself is dried and lyophilized powder for solution for intramuscular injection, placed in an ampule or vial. In the box with the product is invested as a vial with the solvent (in his role as advocates water for injection) and syringe to produce injections Immunomax.

Depending on the content of the active substance manufacturer, there are two forms of production: 100 and 200 units of (ED).

Available Immunomax Moscow pharmaceutical company "Immapharma."

Pharmacological action Immunomax

Immunomax activates the immune defense of the body against infections of viral and bacterial origin. The drug stimulates the activity of cells involved in the organization and implementation of an immune response to the invasion of alien organisms into the body. This and NK-cells (natural killer) cells, and monocytes and neutrophilic granulocytes, tissue macrophages. Thus, the main objective is achieved towards the realization of the protective function of the immune system: starts the process of development of antibodies against bacterial or viral pathogens.


Indications that can be read in the instructions to immunomaks following:

  • correction weakened due to various reasons immune status;
  • treatment of viral (herpes simplex virus, human papilloma virus, plague, parvovirus) and bacterial (chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, salmonellosis, infections caused by Staphylococcus and E. coli) infections;
  • treatment of the negative effects caused by the human papilloma virus: warts, dysplasia, warts and others.

According to the medical reviews of immunomaks, the drug can be successfully used as a means of comprehensive antiviral and antibiotic therapy. But to use it in these cases as the only means, of course, not worth it.

Regulations on the use of immunomaks

Intramuscular injections Immunomax made once a day. Adults and children over 12 years should be administered at a time of 100-200 IU, depending on the severity of the disease. Before prick Immunomax vial or ampoule content (depending on the release forms) are dissolved in 1 ml of solvent, followed by administration of the preparation is made into a muscle.

A course of treatment usually takes 6 injections that must be administered at certain intervals: 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 and 10 days of treatment. Correction of a weakened immune system, and may require fewer injections Immunomax (3-5).


Instruction immunomaks leads only two absolute contraindications, which, incidentally, can be found in the annotations to the vast majority of drugs: it is intolerant of the drug and the patient's age children (to be precise - is up to 12 years).

side effect

Any negative reviews immunomaks both the medical community and by patients, which would indicate fully developed adverse reactions to the action of the drug, medical periodicals available. One thing to note is the need to caution the drug by pregnant women: the reception is allowed only if the expected benefits exceed the risks.  Immunomax capsules

Do not use Immunomax and nursing mothers.

Comments about immunomaks sectional its impact on a person's ability to engage in any activity that requires attention (for example, to drive vehicles or operate potentially dangerous driving mechanisms at work) have been recorded. Symptoms of overdose are not described.


Immunomax sold in pharmacies by prescription. It is totally justified in the case of using it in the framework of a comprehensive treatment of bacterial infections, such as chlamydia or ureaplasmosis that the bulk of the patients used to be treated independently, often - is not correct, it can harm the patient (eg, in the form of the development of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria, leading to inefficiency further treatment).

Instructions for storage immunomaks

Temperature storage Immunomax - + 4-8 ° C - involves placing it in the refrigerator. At higher ambient temperature, the active ingredient of the drug is destroyed and the pharmacological effect is lost.

Shelf life of the drug is 2 years.