Immortelle flowers
 Immortelle is a perennial plant with thick stems and bright orange flowers. The plant was called everlasting, thanks to its unique properties of prolonged by drying and creating flower arrangements.

Helichrysum growing in Central Asia, and almost the entire territory of Europe. The Russian area Helichrysum distributed in the European part, Western Siberia and the Caucasus Mountains.

Helichrysum flowers are used as medicines and to create herbal. The inflorescences contained flavonoids - apigenin and naringenin, sugar, phthalides, resins, essential oils, mineral salts and trace elements and vitamin C and K.

The pharmacological properties of Helichrysum

Immortelle has many useful properties and has a therapeutic effect in various diseases. Due to the presence of resin acids in a plant preparations on its basis have antibacterial effect.

Everlasting composed choleretic medication improves the functioning of the liver and stimulates bile secretion, increases the amount of bilirubin, and effectively eliminates the imbalance of bile and stabilizes the gallbladder. Thus, Helichrysum has a prophylactic effect against the formation of gallstones.

Important useful properties Helichrysum are anti-inflammatory, tonic and bactericidal action. The extract of the plant effectively relieves spasmodic state, positively affecting the smooth muscles and blood vessels.

Broth Helichrysum relieves nausea, retching, heaviness in the stomach and pain in the gall bladder. Furthermore, such a broth improves circulation, eliminates fatigue and improves body tone.

Application Helichrysum

Everlasting in the form of decoctions and infusions is recommended to use in diseases:

  • urinary system,
  • gastrointestinal tract
  • the cardiovascular system,
  • nervous system.

Immortelle also designated as a preventive agent of virus infections, hepatitis, dysentery and heartburn.

Methods of application Helichrysum

Broth inflorescences Helichrysum has a high therapeutic effect.

From the leaves and flowers of Helichrysum created therapeutic infusion, which is effective choleretic and diuretic, particularly necessary in exacerbations of liver disease and kidney failure, acute attacks of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Application of Helichrysum in decoction when uterine cancer and ovarian dysfunction thus relieving pain and stop bleeding.  Immortelle flowers

In drugstores immortelle extract in a dry granular powder which is applied for 10-30 days on 1 g of 2-3 times per day. Also, chronic cholecystitis appointed complex purified flavonoids Helichrysum - flamin tablets, which is often a general aid therapy.

On the basis of immortelle flowers made arenarinovaya ointment anti-inflammatory action, good help for burns Eye chemical and thermal type. The ointment is used to reduce inflammation and enhance tissue regeneration. It is applied to the lower eyelid several times a day over the course of treatment (days 5-10).


Immortelle is harmless and non-toxic plants, but its prolonged and uncontrolled use of a doctor can lead to stagnation in the kidneys and liver. Also, this plant is not recommended for people with hypertension and thyroid disease.