Imigran tablets
 Imigran - pharmacological treatment for migraine. The active ingredient - sumatriptan.

Structure and Composition

According to the instructions Imigran available as tablets, coated tablets of 50 and 100 mg (2 tablets per blister). Tablet formulation 50 mg of pink oval tablets 100 mg white oval.

In tablets containing respectively 70 or 140 mg of active ingredient and auxiliary ingredients (lactose monohydrate, anhydrous lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, croscarmellose sodium).

The pharmacological action of Imigran

According to the instructions Imigran has protivomigrenoznym action. This drug - selective agonist of vascular 5 HT 1 receptors are located mainly in the vessels supplying the brain. Stimulation of these receptors leads to vasoconstriction (vasoconstriction). Imigran also reduces the sensitivity of the trigeminal nerve. These two effects underlie protivomigrenoznogo effect of this drug. After ingestion Imigran clinical effect has, on average, 30 minutes.

Upon ingestion it is rapidly absorbed after 45 minutes indicated maximum concentration in serum. Migraine attacks have no effect on the pharmacokinetics of Imigran.


Imigran is indicated for the relief of migraine attacks (as with aura and without it).

Contraindications to receive Imigran

  • Hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the drug;
  • Coronary heart disease (CHD), myocardial infarction, angina Printsmetalla;
  • some forms of migraine (oftalmoplegicheskaya, basilar, hemiplegic);
  • Diseases of peripheral vascular occlusive nature (for example, obliterating atherosclerosis of the lower limbs);
  • acute ischemic stroke or transient ischemic attack (including history);
  • not correctable hypertension;
  • receiving ergotamine and its derivatives (e.g., methysergide);
  • use of MAO inhibitors (reception Imigran is possible not earlier than 2 weeks after their withdrawal);
  • expressed violations of the liver or kidneys;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • age 18 years and older than 65 years (clinical safety studies have not been conducted for these groups of patients).

Precautions Imigran should be used in patients with hypertension, epilepsy and other convulsive states. Also taking the drug can cause cross-allergic reactions in patients with hypersensitivity to sulfonamides (from rashes to anaphylactic shock).

Dosing and Administration

 Imigran - a drug used to treat migraine
 According to the instructions Imigran recommended dose is 50 mg. Individual patients may require a higher dose (100 mg). If a migraine attack is not stopped taking the first dose of Imigran, it should not be for the relief of the same attack to use the drug again. However, you can re-apply for the treatment Imigran repeated migraine attacks. The maximum daily dose is 300 mg.

In the case where the patient is managed to remove Imigranom migraine and then resumed symptoms within 24 hours, it is possible to re-take the dose.

Side effects Imigran

From the nervous system may cause dizziness, drowsiness, sensitivity. In the opinion of Imigran, cause similar side effects in 10.1% of cases.

Cardio-vascular system may increase blood pressure (transient), the appearance of sensations of hot flashes. These side effects also occur in 1-10% of patients and require no further treatment.

The respiratory system observed occurrence of shortness of breath, a burning sensation in the nose or throat (in 1-10% of cases).

From the digestive system marked the appearance of nausea and vomiting. However, a causal relationship between taking Imigran and the occurrence of vomiting is not proven.

From the musculoskeletal system may cause the feeling of heaviness in any part of the body. Usually this transient phenomenon, but it can be intense, and occur in the chest or throat. In the opinion of Imigran is a side effect occurs in 1-5% of cases.

When you receive this drug may occur as general and local reactions in the form of feelings of cold / heat, weakness, fatigue, feelings of constriction in any part of the body. In the opinion of Imigran these phenomena are mild and transient.

The laboratory values ​​while taking this drug is very rare may have abnormalities in terms of liver samples.

More serious side effects (allergic reactions, convulsive state, decreased visual acuity, bradycardia, arrhythmias, hypotension, coronary vasospasm) Review Imigran rarely causes (0, 1%).


In studies established that Imigran reception in a dose of 400 mg / day does not cause any side effects other than the above. In case of overdose with this drug is shown holding a symptomatic treatment and medical supervision for 10 hours.

Specific admission Imigran

Assign this drug should only be prescribed when the diagnosis of migraine. According to the instructions Imigran should not be used in order to prevent attacks. Separately, it should be noted that patients with migraine increased risk of complications such as acute cerebrovascular accident (CVA) or transient ischemic attack (TIA).

In studies provided data on the occurrence in the very rare cases of serotonin syndrome when using Imigran (mental disorders, emotional instability and neuromuscular disorders). Such disorders are the result of the simultaneous reception of drugs that selectively inhibit the reuptake of serotonin (SNRIs) and Imigran. Therefore, if a patient is prescribed such medicines at the same time, it requires careful monitoring of his condition.

Caution should be used Imigran in patients with epilepsy or organic brain damage. In patients with hypersensitivity to sulfanilamides Imigran according to the instructions can cause allergic reactions. However, data on cross-sensitivity is limited.

Abuse of this drug can cause increased headaches in susceptible patients.

Interaction with other drugs

While the use of ergotamine long vasospasm occurs.

When taken with propranolol, flunarizine, pizotifenom and ethanol interactions were observed.

With MAO inhibitors can interact, so their simultaneous use is contraindicated.

Effect on ability to drive Imigran vehicles and operate machinery

According to the instructions Imigran patients should exercise caution when driving or working with moving machinery.