IFN - an antiviral agent.

Pharmacological action

 Reaferon ampoules
 The preparation includes IFN interferon alfa-2a has immunomodulatory, antitumor, antiviral effect.

Product form

IFN produced in the form of a solution, which is used for injection and instillation of the eye.

Indications reaferon

The preparation is prescribed for viral hepatitis, taking into consideration that it is most effective during the first 5 days of illness during the jaundice period. If a person on the background of the disease have been an extreme degree of liver failure, interferon is ineffective.

The instructions reaferon indicated that the drug can also be used when keratoconjunctivitis, viral conjunctivitis, uveitis (inflammation of the membrane of the eyeball), inflammation of the cornea (keratitis), hairy cell leukemia, chronic blood cancer, cancer of the kidney.

There are reviews of reaferon confirming its efficacy in multiple sclerosis - a drug used as a supplement to the basic treatment.

Instructions reaferon: how to use

Depending on the destination, the drug inject intramuscularly or subkonyunktivalno used locally (in diseases of the eye).

Patients with acute hepatitis B in step 2 million IU administered IFN per day (in two steps) of 5 or 6 days and then transferred to administration of 1 million IU per day. Overall for the full course of treatment must enter 15-20 million IU.

For the treatment of hairy cell leukemia is required to enter every day 3-6 million IU for two months. To maintain the effect of the treatment administered to 6 million IU per week in two steps. Total for the course of treatment is administered 420-600 million IU.

Patients with kidney cancer in stage 4 Reaferon administered daily at a dose of 3 million IU for 10 days. For the treatment and may need 3-9 more courses that are conducted at intervals of three weeks. For the treatment you need to enter and more 90-270 million IU.

For the treatment of multiple sclerosis is administered 3 million IU IFN per day in three steps, if there is pyramidal syndrome, or 1-2 million IU if the patient develops cerebellar syndrome. The treatment lasts for 10 days, after which the number of administrations is reduced to once a week, and the dosage is left unchanged. Since the drug is administered 5-6 months.

For the treatment of ophthalmic diseases according to the instructions Reaferon administered under the outer membrane of the eye (subkonyunktivalno) or buried their eyes.

Subconjunctival at keratoiridotsiklite, stromal keratitis introduced 60 thousand. IU daily or every other day. For the treatment requires 15-25 shots reaferon conduct are recommended under local anesthesia with tetracaine or tetracaine 0, 5%.

A superficial keratitis or conjunctivitis Reaferon instilled 2 drops 6-8 times a day, after a while reduce the number of instillation 3-4. In general, the treatment lasts at most 14 days.

Judging by the reviews of reaferon if the patient is a high body temperature (39 ° C or more), a good result given by a combination of interferon with indomethacin.  Reaferon Patients

side effects

In the treatment of eye diseases in some cases there is swelling or irritation of the outer shell of the eye.

Due to the use of IFN in a patient can decrease the number of platelets, white blood cell count.

There are reviews of IFN from patients, confirming that they have drug caused fever, malaise, itching and rashes on the body, fever. Last symptom common to all interferon.

When strongly pronounced side effects of IFN treatment is stopped.


Use of IFN is contraindicated for pregnant women, patients suffering from allergies.

Precautions should be taken Reaferon those who suffer cardiovascular disease - such patients need to constantly monitor the state of the heart and do an electrocardiogram.