Candles with ihtiola
 Ichthyol - anti-inflammatory drug, has an antiseptic effect and lokal. It is used for skin diseases, gynecology and urology.

Pharmacological action ihtiola

Ichthyol has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, keratoplastic, analgesic and antiseptic effect, similar in therapeutic effect on Vishnevsky ointment.

For external use restores blood circulation, regulates vascular tone, improves metabolism.

Product form

Net Ichthyol - black, with a pungent odor and taste of the oily product obtained from tar shale, which contain fossils of marine fish and animals. Soluble in ethanol, water, glycerol and ether.

The drug comes in the form of:

  • Pure ihtiola in glass jars;
  • 10% and 20% ichthyol ointments for external use, 25 g of a package;
  • 1% and 2% solution Ichthammol;
  • Rectal suppositories ihtiola at 0, 2 g, 10 Suppository in multiples.


According to the instructions Ichthammol used in various skin diseases - erysipelas, boils, psoriasis, purulent inflammations, burns and eczema.

Ichthyol in gynecology is used to treat inflammation of the uterus - metritis, fallopian tubes - salpingitis, parauterine space - the parameters of the ovaries - oophoritis.

Also according to the instructions Ichthammol used to treat arthritis, prostatitis, and neuralgia.

Net Ichthammol used to treat boils and as a remedy for acne. The drug reduces inflammation, redness and leaves no residue.


Ichthammol virtually no contraindications except hypersensitivity to the drug.

Instructions for use ihtiola

 Ichthyol ointment

For the treatment of skin diseases, neuralgia and arthritis ichthyol applied ointment or aqueous-alcoholic solution for lotions and rubbing.

Ichthyol gynecological diseases used in the form of candles with ihtiola (at 0, 1-0, 2 g) and swab dipped in 10% glycerol solution, administered rectally to 1 candle at night. In severe cases, it can be applied twice a day. Tampons and suppositories should be administered after spontaneous bowel cleansing or after cleansing enema.

Side effects

When using ihtiola can sometimes be minor local allergic reactions that do not require additional treatment.

Storage conditions

Ichthyol available without prescription.

The shelf life of pure ihtiola - 5 years ichthyol ointments and suppositories - 2 years.