Hypoxen - a drug that eliminates the effects of oxygen deficiency
 Hypoxen - a drug that belongs to a class of antioxidants and opens the class antihypoxants.

Pharmacological Effects of hypoxia

The active substance of hypoxia - polidigidroksifenilentiosulfonat sodium.

The medicine helps to prevent, eliminate or reduce the effects of oxygen deprivation that occurs at the cellular level. Also hypoxia during physical activity reduces the level of oxygen consumption and lipid peroxidation reduces the formation of toxins.

Product form

The drug is released in the form of capsules, in which the composition other than the main active ingredient includes gelatin, titanium dioxide (E171), red iron oxide (E172), black iron oxide (E172) and yellow iron oxide (E172).

Pharmacies sell hypoxia plastic bottles or cans of 30 capsules. Bank or bottle, in turn, are in the carton. Also, the capsule may be in Valium planimetric package of 10 pcs., In a cardboard bundle located 2-3 of packaging.

Indications of hypoxia

 Hypoxia in capsules
 Showed reception hypoxia response from physicians is confirmed for:

  • getting rid of the signs of physical or mental overstrain during any kind of loads, which are accompanied by fatigue and chronic fatigue;
  • improve performance in harsh and extreme conditions that are accompanied by a lack of oxygen;
  • treatment of stable angina, congestive heart failure, hypertension in combination with other drugs (reviews of Gipoksene argue that in this case the drug is especially effective);
  • treatment of severe traumatic injuries, major surgery, blood loss, and various respiratory diseases as part of a treatment.


Instruction Gipoksenu claims that he has the contraindications:

  • lactation;
  • pregnancy;
  • hemorrhagic stroke;
  • idiosyncrasy.

Instructions hypoxia: methods of use

According to the instructions, hypoxia should be taken orally, during or before meals with a little water. Adult single dose should not exceed 2-4 capsules daily as - 12. The most common course of treatment is 3-14 days.

side effects

Admission hypoxia may be accompanied by allergic reactions.

Conditions and terms

Keep the drug can be no longer than 2 years in a dry room away from children at a temperature that does not exceed the mark of 25 about FROM.