Hypericum - a drug that has analgesic effect
 Hypericum - a plant that is often used in an incredibly floral compositions.

In addition, Hypericum is considered natural natural antidepressant, so it made a lot of drugs based on the most popular are the property of antidepressant drugs and ointment.

The pharmacological action of hypericum

Hypericum ointment - is monocomponent homeopathic remedy, the main active ingredient of which is the herbal St. John's wort. The drug has a local analgesic effect.

Hypericum tablets - a drug which has an anxiolytic and antidepressant action. The composition contains a drug standardized extract of Hypericum which prevents disturbances neurotransmitter transmission inhibit catechol-O-methyltransferase and monoamine oxidases, and modulates the secretion of interleukin-6. With tablets hypericum, reviews confirm this, it is possible to eliminate the problems associated with depressed mood, emotional lability, as well as to cope with anxiety, and stress.


Hypericum ointment is recommended as an adjuvant analgesic for the treatment of neuralgia and neuritis.

Tablets are intended for treatment of patients who suffer from nervous tension and depressive syndrome.

Also, Hypericum, patient testimonials confirm the conclusion of physicians, is effective in treating a variety of psycho-vegetative disorders involving emotional depression, apathy, anxiety, causeless alarm.

Your doctor may prescribe pills and asthenoneurotic syndrome.

Instructions hypericum: methods of use

 Hypericum ointment
 According to the instructions, Hypericum ointment to be applied topically, applying a small amount to the affected area and rubbing lightly.

As tablets for oral use, they must be swallowed whole without crushing and dividing into pieces. To effect was maximum, it would be better to take the medication with food. Only a doctor can determine the dose and duration of treatment. But as a rule, adolescents and adults Hypericum is prescribed to take three times a day 1 tablet.


Ointment should not be used subject to the availability of all kinds of skin diseases, disorders of skin and hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation.

Individual intolerance is the main contraindication to tablets Hypericum, instruction which is also called such restrictions: lactase deficiency, galactosemia, a syndrome of glucose-galactose malabsorption.

Not recommended to use the drug in patients with HIV infection.

Side effects of Hypericum

Both drugs can cause allergic reactions, the manifestation of which should immediately stop taking the drug or reduce the dose, consult your doctor.

Conditions and terms

Keep the drug can be no more than 3 years in dry places at temperature 20-25 about FROM.