Shampoo Horsepower - cosmetic for hair with visible positive impact on their structure and appearance.  Horsepower - shampoo

On the production of shampoo Horsepower

Despite its name and the drawing of a horse on the bottle Horsepower designed specifically for men. Interest also came to him on a background of the special hygiene products for the horse's mane and advertising of Hollywood stars.

In Russia launched production Horsepower hair with a composition similar to foreign analogues. Horsepower shampoo sold in pharmacies, its value can be compared to other professional products for hair and she is several times higher than funds that are sold in pet stores for horses.

Structure horsehair different from the human. He is a very rough and thick, with strong hair follicles. Most often, a horse's mane (and skin) is pretty dirty, so to clean it from dirt and sebum require stronger cleaning properties of the shampoo.

If a person starts to use a shampoo designed for horse hair, they become coarser and thicker, a feeling that the hair on my head has really become more. But a short time later the hair bulb can not withstand such gravity of the hair shaft, and the hair begins to fall out. That is why shampooing should only be adapted for human shampoos.

Shampoo Horsepower

Component composition Horsepower compare with shampoo for horses from a pet store, but adapted so as not to harm the skin and hair of the human body.

The structure includes the main Horsepower active ingredients and auxiliaries. The main components include:

  • Lanolin;
  • Collagen;
  • Pro-vitamin B5.

Lanolin protects the scalp and hair, keeps the water in them, creating a protective sheath, whereby the hair does not dry even when Horsepower daily application to the hair.

Collagen in shampoo helps to restore the structure of the hair shaft, as if gluing together the scales of the hair. After applying Horsepower Review hair becomes smooth and elastic, easy to comb and they do not get confused.

Provitamin B5 prevents damage to the hair as a result of exposure to sunlight and high temperature during blow-drying.

Auxiliary substances include distilled water, which dissolved all the remaining ingredients, amidopropyl betaine, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, glycerol, glitseretkokoat, Cato, flavor additive conditioning.  Conditioning shampoo Horsepower

Some of these substances is in horsepower preservatives, some support needed to scalp the acid-alkaline balance.

Sodium lauryl sulfate contributes to the creation of foam. In large quantities in shampoos do not add it to prevent damage to the skin of the head.

Instructions for use for hair Horsepower

The shampoo is used to wash the scalp and hair, it is suitable for frequent use. Horsepower healthier formula allows to recommend it for people with dry, split and damaged hair.

Prior to application it is necessary to wet hair shampoo, apply shampoo, lather massage it for 1-2 minutes and rinse with warm water. If your hair is very dirty, we recommend reapplication. Regular application Horsepower Review gives hair a healthy appearance and helps to cope with split ends.


The tool for washing hair can not be used when you are hypersensitive.