Cortisone pills

Cortisone - glucocorticosteroid drug used as anti-inflammatory agent in the treatment of diseases.

Pharmacological action

Cortisone affects carbohydrate, protein exchanges reduces plasma protein enhances its dissolution in the muscles and the development of kidney, liver, controls the splitting of the amino acids in the liver, increases the supply of glucose from the liver into the blood and stimulates the production of a key in the formation of glucose enzyme.

The therapeutic effects of Cortisone attaches great importance to reduce the activity of the enzyme hexokinase.

The active ingredient of the drug - cortisone acetate.

Product form

Producing tablets, cream, ointment cortisone.

Indications Cortisone

Cortisone pills prescribed for: rheumatoid arthritis, collagen, bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, mieloblastomnom, infectious mononucleosis, Addison's disease, adrenal cortical insufficiency acute hemolytic anemia, viral hepatitis, glomerulonephritis, acute pancreatitis.

Cortisone ointment is effective in skin lesions allergic, non-infectious inflammation of the skin. Cream is better to use a wet or seborrheic skin, acute processes in the skin.


Hormone Cortisone can not be used when: heavy flows of hypertension, Cushing's disease, circulatory failure, third degree, diabetes mellitus, peptic ulcer disease, syphilis, active tuberculosis, after surgery, during pregnancy, the elderly.

Instructions for Use Cortisone

The hormone cortisone in the first days of treatment is administered orally at 0, 1-0, 2g / day (divided by 3-4 hours). After the dose is reduced to maintenance - 0, 025gr / day. In rheumatoid arthritis is prescribed 3-4gr the entire course of therapy.

Cortisone administered intramuscularly one p / day - 0, 025-0, 05gr. The action of the hormone cortisone after oral administration lasts 6-8ch., After intramuscular - 8-12ch.

For the treatment of Addison's disease is prescribed Cortisone with deoxycorticosterone and sodium chloride at a ratio of 0, 0125-0, 025gr / 0, 001-0, 005gr / 4-6-10gr respectively.

 Cortisone ointment
 Adult single dose of cortisone permissible - 0, 15g daily - 0, 3g.

Children of drug administered in an average dosage of 0, 0125-0, 025gr three p / day for 2d., And then move on to two stages of the same dose, and later - at a reduced dosage - 0 025gr Cortisone acetate three p / day. Gradually again reduces the multiplicity and dosage form. Babies hormone can be taken orally and intramuscularly. The duration of the treatment regimen, and determined by the physician, based on the course of the disease.

Cortisone ointment to areas requiring treatment applied 2-3r / day.

side effects

Side effects Cortisone is more likely than other steroids.

Because long-term treatment and high doses (greater than 0, 1g / day) may develop mental disorders, hirsutism, obesity, osteoporosis, acne can occur, disrupting the menstrual cycle. Because cortisone acetate may also appear ulcers in the digestive tract, can proboditsya neprodiagnostirovannaya previous ulcer, hemorrhagic pancreatitis develop.

Cortisone ointment may cause itching, hirsutism, skin atrophy, skin irritation, local infections, skin hypopigmentation, skin maceration, dermatitis contact, skin changes associated with the blockage of the sweat glands. The risk of adverse systemic effects increases with prolonged ointment its application, overlaying it on a larger area for the dead band or on the skin with a damaged integrity.