Horagon - the type of preparation  Packing Horagon
 of gonadotropin belongs to a group of the hypothalamus and pituitary hormones.

Pharmacological action

Horagon has gonadotropin action and properties of luteinizing hormone, which allows it to have an effect on ovulation and stimulate the production of estrogen and progesterone in women, as well as affect the production of testosterone in men.

The active substance is Horagona human chorionic gonadotropin secreted by the placenta and is extracted from the urine of pregnant women.

Form release Horagona

Horagon is available as a powder for injection with different content of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG): 1500 IU and 5000 IU. The drugstore chain is presented in the form of 1 ml ampoules, offered together with the solvent. The drug is packaged in cardboard boxes, in each of which are contained in an amount of three ampoules pieces.

Indications Horagona

According to the instructions Horagonu drug should be taken in the following cases:

• for women - for ovulation induction after stimulation with follicle growth and to maintain the function of the corpus luteum of the ovary in those patients diagnosed with luteal phase deficiency;

• men and boys - with cryptorchidism, delayed puberty, hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (in this case Horagon advised to take drugs together with human menopausal gonadotropin). Also, the drug is used in the diagnosis: the differential diagnostic test and anorchia cryptorchidism in boys, to assess the functioning of the testes in the hypogonadotropic hypogonadism before the start of a long stimulant medication (which is also called functional test Leydig).


Medical reviews Horagone warn of the presence of a number of contraindications. Use of the drug is not recommended for the following diseases:

• In hormone-dependent tumors of the sexual sphere;

• When threatened hyperstimulation syndrome in women during infertility treatment within the "in vitro fertilization";

• when organically conditioned cryptorchidism.

Instructions for use Horagona

The drug is administered intramuscularly, with instructions to Horagonu notes the need for a prompt drug after its dissolution in the accompanying solvent.

Dosage Horagona women depends on the specific treatment goals and makes up for the induction of ovulation - 5,000 or 10,000 IU to maintain the corpus luteum - 1500 to 5000 IU for 3, 6 or 9 days after the beginning of ovulation.

Boys and men: boys from 3 to 6 years with cryptorchidism appoint 1,500 IU once a week. The course of treatment is 3 weeks (if necessary, the drug should be taken in conjunction with a gonadotropin-releasing hormone). In order to accelerate puberty in boys take 1,500 IU of 2 or 3 times a week for 3 months. In hypogonadotropic hypogonadism be taken from 1500 to 6000 IU Horagona once a week (in combination with drugs group of human menopausal gonadotropin (HMG)). For the purpose of differential diagnosis anorchia and cryptorchidism in boys, as well as to assess the functioning of the testes in the hypogonadotropic hypogonadism Horagon take in the amount of 5,000 IU once.

Side effects Horagona

Use of the drug  Horagon Patients
 can cause adverse side effects. According to the instructions Horagonu they differ according to gender.

In women, undesirable reactions such as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. This effect appears in the treatment of infertility with HMG preparations of hCG, or in combination with clomiphene. The symptoms of this condition are the development of ovarian cysts, ascites, the occurrence of thromboembolism, fluid accumulation in the chest.

In boys and men in some cases there may be an increase in mammary gland (reversible), and the change in kind of a proliferative prostate delay electrolytes and water, the appearance of blackheads. By increasing the level of testosterone, caused by taking Horagona can increase penis size.

Long-term use is fraught with the emergence Horagona antibodies that reduce the effectiveness of treatment.


When excess admission Horagona symptoms of overdose, which manifests itself in the form of ovarian hyperstimulation. Symptoms vary depending on the extent of the excessive use of the drug.

• Mild hyperstimulation (1 tbsp.) Of treatment is not needed. Its symptoms include a slight increase in the size of the ovary, raising the level of sex steroids, pain in the abdomen. In this case, the patient needs to be closely monitored;

• 2 tbsp. hyperstimulation requires treatment that is best done in the framework of hospitalization. As used therapy introduction / solutions in order to maintain the bcc. The appearance of ovarian cysts followed by vomiting and nausea;

• At 3 tbsp. hyperstimulation occur ovarian cysts large size (over 10 cm), hydrothorax, ascites, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, delay salts, increasing the viscosity of blood and hemoglobin concentration. Recommended hospitalization.


Home treatment of female infertility Horagonom must be preceded by assessment of follicular growth and cervical index. In the course of treatment requiring frequent ultrasound monitoring, control plasma estradiol levels.

Ovarian hyperstimulation is an indication for discontinuing therapy.

Admission Horagona when luteal phase deficiency leads to increased levels of progesterone, which affect the improvement of the endometrium in the attachment of the embryo phase.

According to medical reviews of Horagone, indications for the drug during normal pregnancy or lactation is not there.

Storage conditions Horagona

The drug is stored at a temperature not exceeding 20 ° C, out of reach of children. Shelf life Horagona if all the conditions of storage is 3 years.