Holosas - natural choleretic drug, improves metabolic processes in the liver.

A large number of  Syrup Holosas
 positive feedback on holosas confirm its therapeutic efficacy.

Allohol, artichoke extract, Gepabene, Odeston, Konvaflavin, Sibektan, Olimetin, Holebil, Flamini Tsikvalon - holosas analogues (a similar mechanism of action).

Holos, Holemaks - synonymous holosas drugs (drugs with the same active component).

Release form and composition holosas

Holosas available as a syrupy liquid with a peculiar odor (250 g, 250 mL, 125 mL).

Composition holosas: one gram of syrup contains 0, 4 g of rosehips as a concentrated aqueous extract; Auxiliary components - Purified water, and sugar.

Pharmacological action

The therapeutic effect is provided by the syrup complex components in hips - flavonoids, pectins, essential oils, provitamin A, vitamin PP, C, E, B1, B2, K, citric and malic acids, lecithin, vanillin, dextrin, sugars.

According to the instructions Holosas increases bile secretion, reducing its viscosity and increasing the content cholates. The action of the main active component holosas relaxes the sphincter of Oddi and Lyutkensa and smooth muscles of the biliary tract and the simultaneous increase in the tone of the gall bladder. In addition, the drug stimulates secretion of the pancreas, gastric glands, enhances intestinal motility. Some comments about holosas states that regular use of syrup improves metabolic processes and rejuvenation.

Due to the content of vitamin B complex and ascorbic acid in fruits of wild rose remedy has a strong tonic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effect. Pectins and organic acids in the fruit hips have diuretic action, renal without irritating the epithelium.

According to the instructions Holosas disintegrates in the liver, forming a pharmacologically active hydroxylated derivatives, which inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria, as well as enhance the effect of tinidazole.

Indications holosas

According to the instructions the use holosas shown in the following diseases:

• chronic hepatitis in violation of the outflow of bile;

• chronic cholecystitis nekalkulezny;

• alcohol intoxication;

• cholangitis;

• P and C-hypovitaminosis, low immunity;

• metabolic disorders.

Holosas - Instructions for use

Syrup  Cholagogue Holosas
 taken orally, half an hour before meals. Adults are recommended to take one teaspoon holosas two or three times a day. Babies from three to twelve usually prescribed PA1 / 4 teaspoon two to three times per day. Babies with twelve designate 0 5 syrup teaspoon two to three times per day. The course of treatment depends on the severity of the disease.

Contraindications holosas

• hypersensitivity to any component of the syrup;

• calculous cholecystitis;

• diabetes;

• obstruction of the biliary tract;

• children up to three years.

During lactation and pregnancy Holosas it should be used with extreme caution.

Side effect

Judging by the reviews, Holosas sometimes cause bloating and rumbling in the stomach, so the syrup is recommended to take simultaneously with dill water or fruit infusion of coriander, cumin. Prolonged use holosas sometimes cause allergic reactions (itching, reddening of the skin).

Storage conditions

Keep Holosas recommended at 8-25 ° C.

Shelf life - three years.