Hilo-Chest - a drug used to protect and moisturize the cornea. Moisturizing ophthalmic solution containing active  Packing Hilo-Chest
 substance - sodium hyaluronate and excipients (sodium citrate, anhydrous citric acid, sorbitol, water).

Pharmacological action

Part of the Hilo-Komodgialuronovaya acid is a polysaccharide compound - a natural element that is found in the tissues of the eyes and other organs. The main property of hyaluronic acid is its pronounced ability to bind water molecules together. Drops Hilo-Chest possess adhesive properties and the required viscosity, being capable of forming on the surface of the cornea prerogovichnuyu uniform tear film continued over a long period of time and does not wash off when blinking. Thus cornea is protected from irritants and dryness characteristic of wearing contact lenses. Application drop-Hilo Komodpri This makes wearing contact lenses more comfortable. According to the reviews of Hilo, Chest, containing no preservatives drug is well tolerated even with prolonged use.

Indications Hilo-Chest

Hilo-Chest recommended for use in order to:

• Additional moisture conjunctiva and cornea while burning, dryness and foreign body sensation in the eyes;

• Dampening the front surface of the eye after the surgery, as well as for injuries and damages of the cornea;

• Elimination of uncomfortable sensations while wearing soft or hard contact lenses.


Hilo-Chest and analogues of the drug is not recommended for use in case of hypersensitivity to the drug component. During pregnancy and lactation it is necessary to use the drug with caution.

Side effects Hilo-Chest

Currently information about possible overdose Hilo-Komodne available.


The unique design of the valve of the container with a solution of Hilo-Chest provides full tightness of the drug, and covered with a layer of silver, its metal parts in contact with the solution, allow to speak with confidence about the sterility of money.

Dosage Hilo-Chest and method of administration

Hilo-Chest and analogues of the drug is recommended to dig into the conjunctival sac of 1 drop 3 times a day. The frequency of instillation is set individually, based on the appointment of an ophthalmologist and the patient's feelings. Regarding duration of application solution recommendations exist.

Before instillation  Eye drops Hilo-Chest
 preparation colored cap covering a drip container must be removed. Prior to starting the drops container-Hilo Chest should be reversed, pushing its foundation until the end of the drip drip of the drug does not appear. It is recommended to avoid contact of the dropper tip with the skin and the surface of the eye.

At simultaneous reception of Hilo-Chest with other ophthalmic agents should be observed for at least a half-hour interval between the use of drugs. Eye ointments should be applied after solution Hilo-Chest will drip. If you wear contact lenses, according to reviews of Hilo-dressers, possibly to dig tool in the conjunctival sac, without waiting for the lens to be removed.

Storage conditions Hilo-Chest

The drug should be stored at a temperature no higher than 25 degrees Celsius, out of reach of children. After opening the package, you must use the Hilo-Chest for 12 weeks. Shelf life in unopened packaging means - 3 years.

The drug is sold over the counter without a prescription.