Heparin ointment

 Heparin ointment
 Heparin ointment - a means for local use, which affects blood clotting.

Pharmacological action

The use of heparin ointment helps prevent blood clotting, reduce inflammation and eliminate pain.

Heparin ointment promotes the resorption of blood clots, which already have and prevents the formation of new ones.

When applied to the skin Heparin ointment has anelgeziruyuschee local action.

Product form

Ointment heparin produced in tubes of 10, 25g.

Indications heparin ointment

Heparin is effective ointment for haemorrhoids, superficial thrombophlebitis, periphlebitis, mastitis, with elephantiasis, phlebitis, lymphangitis - is used for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Good reviews of heparin ointment used to relieve edema, treatment of injuries, injuries (including tendons, joints, muscles), localized infiltrates, ulcers on the legs, is used as a healing agent after repeated intravenous injections.

Often used heparin ointment for bruises, since it promotes the resorption of subcutaneous hematoma.

Instructions for use of heparin ointment

 Heparin ointment applied to the affected area
 According to the instructions of its heparin ointment applied to the affected area two or three p / day (0 5-1gr to the area 3-5cm in diameter), gently rubbing the skin. The course of treatment typically lasts until the disappearance of inflammation is usually 3-7dn.

Heparin ointment applied to hemorrhoids, rectal swabs or dressings (usually calico fabrics), which after entering into the anus or put on the hemorrhoids, respectively (after applying the bandage must be secured).

Use heparin ointment hemorrhoids every day, and the treatment lasts until the disappearance of the painful symptoms - usually no more than 3-14 days.

Side effects

The instructions heparin ointment indicated that after its application the skin may be red, have an allergic reaction.

Contraindications to the use of heparin ointment

Basically reviews of heparin ointment good, but it can not be used if found hypersensitivity to the drug, there are necrotic, ulcerative processes in the skin.

Do not apply ointment on the open wounds in the diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis.

Do not use heparin ointment for bruises, if found on the site hematoma traumatic violation of the integrity of the skin.

The use of heparin ointment prescribed with caution if the patient has a tendency to opening of bleeding, thrombocytopenia.