Hepa-Merz - concentrate for solution for infusion

Hepa-Merz - for the treatment of liver disease, biliary tract.

Pharmacological action

Hepa-Merz has hepatoprotective, detoxifying properties, optimizing protein metabolism, is involved in the development of insulin, growth hormone, reduces the level of ammonia.

Product form

Hepa-Merz produced in the form of powder for infusion solution in the form of granules.

The closest analogues of the mechanism of action Hepa-Merz act capsule Gepatosana solution Geptronga solution, tablets, concentrate Glutargin, Deepa, potassium orotate, Kars and Kars fort Legalon, Liv.52, Maksar, Methionine, Peponen, Progepar, Remaksor, Ropren, Rosilimarin, Silibinin, Silibor, Silimar, Thiotriazoline, Tykveol, Phosphogliv, Holenol.

Indications Hepa-Merz

Application Hepa-Merz appointed to the stage of hepatic encephalopathy coma precoma, with detoxification hepatitis, cirrhosis, other liver pathologies, including caused by alcohol abuse.

The decision to use analog Hepa-Merz for the same indications can only take doctor.

Instructions for use Hepa-Merz

 Hepa-Merz - granules for oral solution
 The instructions Hepa-Merz stated that for internal use granules should be dissolved in water - 3-6gr to 200ml. the resulting solution was taken three r / day after meals.

For intravenous drip infusion of 20g of the drug is dissolved in 500ml physiological saline, 5% glucose solution, Ringer's solution. If a case is heavy, it is allowed to use increased dose - 40g / day.

Speed ​​intravenous administration should not exceed 5g / hour.

Duration of Hepa-Merz is usually determined individually.

Application analogues Hepa-Merz should be in accordance with their instructions, or as directed by a doctor.

Side effects

Judging by the positive reviews of the Hepa-Merz, the drug rarely causes side effects. Complications that can occur - it is an allergy, dyspeptic symptoms (nausea, vomiting).

Contraindications Hepa-Merz

Hepa-Merz on the instructions are not prescribed for hypersensitivity to its components, and if the patient is found end-stage renal failure.

Judging from the reviews Hepa-Merz does not cause negative effects in pregnant women, but it should be used under the supervision of the attending physician. The same applies to the application of Hepa-Merz nursing women.

You can not enter Hepa-Merz together with vitamin K, diazepam, vincamine, sodium thiopental, some antibiotics.