Hemostatic sponge

 Hemostatic Collagen Sponge
 Hemostatic sponge - Antihemorrhagic (hemostatic) agent.

Pharmacological action

Hemostatic sponge acts as an antiseptic and a sorbent, stops the blood, stimulates tissue repair.

Make a sponge of collagen solution prepared from tendons, the skin of cattle. Additional components of the sponge - furatsillin and boric acid.

Hemostatic collagen sponge is completely absorbed in the cavity of the wound, but not soluble in water cold, organic solvents, resistant to temperatures up to 75 ° C.

You can use a sponge with ambenom (means interfering dissolution of blood clots), which is composed of human blood plasma, Ambene, calcium chloride.

Product form

Hemostatic collagen sponge produced in the form of dried porous elastic plates and yellow with a slight odor of acetic acid.

Produce sponge size 50 * 50 or 100 * 100mm.

Ambenom sponge manufactured as dry matter in vials.


Hemostatic sponge according to the instructions is used for capillary bleeding (nose, sinuses of the brain dura mater, opened with dental procedures), parenchymal (from the internal organs), alveolar (lung tissue from).

You can use a sponge when bedsores, skin lesions, to fill defects parenchymal organs (liver after resection, for example), gall bladder closure bed after cholecystectomy.

Instructions for use hemostatic sponge

 Hemostatic sponge
 As stated in the instruction haemostatic sponge used only topically tamponed wound.

After engorged with blood like a sponge (3-5 min.), It adheres to the wound. If the bleeding does not stop, apply a second sponge.

After bleeding was stopped, a sponge fixed superimposed U-shaped seam.

To enhance the effect hemostatic sponge is recommended to moisten the thrombin solution.

Sponge with ambenom apply as follows: the contents of the vial tamponiruyut wound surface, pressing it on 3-5min. surgical or gauze pad. If necessary, the damaged area can be filled with a sponge or add gauze swab and leave in the cavity of a wound (but no more than a day).

Side effects

After applying sponge possible secondary infection, an allergic reaction.


Do not use hemostatic sponge in case of hypersensitivity furatsillina and other nitrofuranam, bleeding from large vessels.