Haloperidol Tablets

Haloperidol - is a drug that acts on the central nervous system and is used in conditions associated with psychomotor agitation.

Dosage form

Haloperidol tablets - each for 1, 5 mg.

Haloperidol Drops for reception inside-2mg in 1ml vials of 10 ml.

Haloperidol Tablets Forte - each 5 mg, y. 50 and 250 pieces.

The solution of haloperidol 5 mg in 1 ml-1 ml ampoules in a package - 50 pcs

Active substance: Haloperidol

Pharmaceutics action

The instructions to the drug haloperidol is listed as neuroleptic (acts as an inhibiting agent in the CNS and in moderate doses does not have a sedative effect).

The drug has a pronounced antiemetic and antipsychotic effects.

The drug is an effective means to eliminate attacks psychomotor agitation of various origins (psychopathy, schizophrenia, mental retardation, dementia, mania), delusions and hallucinations, as well as Huntington's chorea and Tourette's syndrome.

Judging by the reviews haloperidol is effective for patients who are resistant to other neuroleptics. The drug also has antihistamine, antispasmodic, antipyretic and analgesic effect.

Indications for use of haloperidol

Haloperidol is used to treat agitation in cases of psychopathy, schizophrenia, mental retardation, dementia, mania.

The drug is prescribed in patients with hallucinations. And when delusional states of acute and chronic psychosis various origins.

There are positive reviews of haloperidol in the treatment of tics, chorea Gettingtona, Tourette's syndrome.

Following strict instructions to Haloperidol, a drug can be prescribed in the treatment of angina and acute heart failure vessels.

Haloperidol is used in combination with analgesics and hypnotics in premedication before surgery.

Instructions for use of haloperidol

Haloperidol Guide recommends an initial dose of 1, 5-5mg per diems, dividing it into two three steps. This is followed by gradually increasing the dose to 1, 5-3, 0 mg (up to 5 mg) to achieve a therapeutic effect. The maximum dose per day is 100 mg.

Basically, the recommended average therapeutic dose of 10-15 mg per day, in the case of chronic schizophrenia recommend taking 20-40 mg per day, with a weak therapeutic effect of 50-60mg per day.

Haloperidol Therapeutic course lasts up to 3 months. Dose reduction to maintenance (0, 5-0, 75 mg per day) produced gradually.

Haloperidol Tablets taken orally half an hour before a meal.

 Haloperidol injection
 Haloperidol injection solution was used in the case of cupping agitation for 2 5-5mg / m three times a day, or intravenously at 2 5-5mg in 10-15 ml of normal saline. After reaching a stable effect the patient is transferred to the reception of the drug inside.

For children from 3 years old can be assigned to haloperidol drops to 0, 025-0, 05 mg per 1 kg per day divided dose into two doses. The maximum daily dose of haloperidol drops of 0, 15 mg per 1 kg.

Elderly patients is recommended to take 0, 5-1, 5 mg (to 0, 3 ml). The maximum daily dose is 5 mg (1 ml solution).

To stop the nausea and vomiting stenokardicheskie states haloperidol 1 5-2 5 mg.

Side effects

The drug can cause the following side effects: galactorrhoea (release of milk from the breast), staggering when walking, trembling of the limbs, up to parkinsonism.

There are sleep disturbances, muscle hypertonicity or atony, heart rhythm disturbances, arterial hyper- or hypotension. Amendment of the blood, digestive disorders, zhёltuhu.

In women, the menstrual cycle may be and sexual function in men - impotence.

In the opinion of haloperidol may sometimes occur hair loss, urinary retention, blurred vision.


In case of overdose of haloperidol may increase in temperature, convulsions, coma.

It is urgent to stop using the product and call an ambulance. The doctor will diazepam nootropin, vitamin B and vitamin C, glucose, hold other symptomatic therapy.


Do not take Haloperidol with opioid analgesics, hypnotics, antidepressants, agents for general anesthesia, alcohol, antiparkinsonian agents, adrenaline, lithium and a number of other drugs.


In the treatment of drug necessary to regularly monitor the ECG and blood status of liver samples. Protect your skin from sunlight: may develop photosensitivity. It is forbidden to drive vehicles to service mechanisms and carry out other activities that require attention.

Contraindications to the use of haloperidol

The drug is contraindicated for people with individual intolerance butyrophenone derivatives, children under three years, pregnant and nursing mothers, patients with extrapyramidal and pyramidal disorders (eg, Parkinson's disease, etc.), in a state of oppression of the CNS xenobiotics poisoning, renal failure and impaired cardiac conduction.

Storage conditions

Haloperidol is stored in a dry place at a temperature not higher than 25 degrees, up to three years.

Sold by prescription.