Haemodesum H
 Haemodesum - it deziintoksikatsionnoe, plasma-agent.

Pharmacological action

Haemodesum contributes to the removal of harmful substances from the blood.

A second common name means - Haemodesum N.

Active ingredients: povidone, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride.

The drug is non-toxic and is rapidly excreted through the kidneys, intestines.

Product form

Haemodesum produced in the form of an infusion solution.

Indications gemodez

Application gemodez able to recommend post-traumatic, burns, post-operative, hemorrhagic shock, when toxic gastrointestinal diseases (salmonellosis, hepatic failure, indigestion, dysentery), hemolytic, radiation, burns, peritonitis, sepsis, acute myocardial infarction, bowel obstruction, pneumonia, preeclampsia , toxemia newborns.

Instructions for use gemodez

Dosage gemodez H depends on the severity of poisoning by toxins, and the patient's age.

 The method of administration gemodez - drip
 Typically, instructions for taking prescribed Haemodesum drip for 40-80kap. min.

A single adult dose - 200-500ml per kilogram body weight for children - 5-10ml per kilogram. The maximum single dose for infants gemodez - 50-70ml or 2, 5 ml per kilogram. Babies 2-5l. appoint 100ml; 5-10l. - 150ml; children 10-15l - 200ml.

Course admission gemodez H - from one to ten days.

In radiation, burns, infections, gastrointestinal Haemodesum appointed to take one or two p / day. Myocardial macrofocal in the first 24 hours are administered 200ml at a time. If you experience complications during the second 24-hour drip 200ml gemodez.

Before the introduction of the solution was adjusted to H gemodezu body temperature.

side effects

Haemodesum H can cause shortness of breath (if administered quickly), tachycardia, drop in pressure, various allergic reactions.


According to the instructions in the instruction gemodez was not prescribed for acute nephritis, hypersensitivity, chronic heart failure IIb-III century, bronchial asthma, respiratory failure, hemorrhagic stroke, thromboembolism, phlebothrombosis, post-traumatic brain injury, anuria, oliguria, diabetes.

Before applying gemodez should check the integrity of the packaging. You can not enter the solution, which has a sludge or slurry.

With the introduction of gemodez patient should be under control.