Nard grass
 Elecampane - a plant that is widely used in medicine.

Pharmacological action

Nard grass - is a perennial plant of the family Asteraceae, which has been used in folk and official medicine.

Elecampane Altai (also known as high - the plant reaches 2 meters in height) slow motility, secretory activity, removes bile, has expectorant, anti-inflammatory, diuretic effect.

In medicine it is mainly used elecampane root, which contains an essential oil, inulin, mucous substances, chemical elements that exhibit activity against pathogens of fungal diseases of the skin.

Product form

The pharmaceutical industry produces Elecampane tablets.

You can use elecampane root in pure form (usually three-year plants take root). Collect rhizomes usually in the spring, autumn.

Indications Elecampane

Elecampane Altai used as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent for the prevention of colds as a diaphoretic, diuretic, expectorant during cold.

Effective herbs to improve digestion, increase appetite, improve the allocation of secretion in the stomach, intestines, to get rid of worms, to improve metabolism.

Nard grass is known as a good choleretic, chologenic, sedative.

Cases where through the use of Elecampane fix problems with conception.

Dosing Elecampane

 Tablets Elecampane adults take three 2-3sht p / day during a meal. Treatment usually lasts for one month.

Elecampane root is used more in folk medicine.

For the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the preparation of an expectorant take 1 tsp dried roots, pour cooled boiled water and insist 8:00. Take tincture of 0 5CT. 4 / day for 20 minutes. before meals.

When skin diseases 100g. roots boil in 1 liter. water, insist 4h. The resulting broth wash affected skin, is added to water when taking bath.

For the treatment of diseases of the skin can be prepared ointment Elecampane. For this 1st.lozh. chopped root is boiled 15min. with 5lozh. unsalted pork fat. The resulting mass is filtered, cooled and stored in a refrigerator. The affected places on the skin smeared with ointment every day until it is improved. Then you can carry out maintenance therapy - to wash the skin decoction of the root.

The juice from the root of Elecampane is used for the treatment of bronchial asthma, cough: it is combined in equal parts of honey and take 1 st h. Spoonful every two hours.

To get rid of worms poured 100g. crushed roots of Elecampane Altai 250ml boiling water, give the brew for 30-40min. After the studio and filter. Children are drinking one tsp. Three p / day, and adults - one st.lojke as three p / day before meals.

side effects

Application Elecampane can cause allergies, vomiting, stomach pains.

Overdose funds can lead to poisoning, manifested by general weakness, salivation, respiratory depression, cardiac (until Tuesday).


Elecampane herb is contraindicated in pregnancy, serious cardiovascular diseases, renal disease, in the period of breast-feeding, in atherosclerosis.