Glycine tablets
 Glycine - a drug for the treatment of alcoholism.

Pharmacological action

Glycine from the group of amino acids, acts as a central neurotransmitter inhibitory type, has a calming effect, a positive effect in the development of muscular dystrophy, improves metabolic processes in the tissues of the brain.

Product form

Glycine release tablets.

Indications Glycine

In cases where it is necessary to weaken the craving for alcohol, to reduce the withdrawal symptoms, it is recommended the use of Glycine

Good reviews of glycine, its effect in depressive disorders, irritability, sleep disorders in patients with alcoholism.

In medical practice, many cases of prescribing Glycine children - to eliminate nervousness, improve sleep, learning and attention, reduce the motor activity increased.

Instructions for use Glycine

Glycine according to the instructions given sublingually (tablet until resorption kept under the tongue).

In chronic alcoholism to remove the patient from binge give one tablet glycine by 20min. another, an hour - a third. Once, during the remaining days - three or four times. The maximum allowable dose of 0, 6-0, 7gr. / Day.

To remove the symptoms of a hangover drink Glycine 5-7dn. one tablet 2 p / day. After a patient undergoes  Glycine
 maintenance treatment - one pill in the morning for 6-15dn.

During remission, if left depressive disorders, anxiety, irritability, glycine to take 1st tablet 2-4 p / day. If you are experiencing sleep disorders, drink one tablet 20 minutes before bedtime.

During acute alcoholic intoxication, if the patient is drawn to alcohol and he is overexcited, he is given one tablet glycine. After 15-20min. if necessary, to give another tablet.

Glycine newborns are given only as an aqueous solution (tablet must be crushed and diluted with water).

The instructions are listed Glycine dosage for children: up to 3 liters. - 0, 5tabl. 2-3r / day for 1-2ned .; after 3 years are one, two or three tablet r / day for 1-2ned.

Before giving Glycine children you need to consult with the attending pediatrician and get personalized recommendations for dosing, as drug affects the operation of the brain, nervous system.

Side effects

Reviews of glycine positive after application, provided predisposition possible only occasional allergic reaction.

Contraindications Glycine

Application of Glycine is not recommended if detected hypersensitivity to it.