A solution of glycerol
 Glycerol is used in medicine as a wetting agent.

Pharmacological action

Glycerin reduces the irritant effect of many drugs are not absorbed by the skin, but well absorbed by mucous.

Widespread use of glycerin in medicine and cosmetology possibly due to its ability to dissolve the inorganic alkali salt and di-monosaccharides. Besides agent soluble in alcohol, and oils, ether, chloroform, it does not apply.

Product form

Releasing glycerol solution in vials, rectal suppositories with glycerol, glycerol borax (sodium tetraborate solution).

Glycerin is often added to cosmetics to soften the skin of hands, body.

Indications Glycerol

Application Glycerol possible in different areas of medicine and cosmetology.

Glycerol solution is used for the treatment of mucous membranes, skin softening and as a laxative for constipation (in the form of enemas).

Candles with glycerin used topically to eliminate constipation of different origin - age, functional, psychogenic, and to prevent them (those patients who can not strain during bowel movements, such as anorectal stenosis, thrombosed hemorrhoids and painful perianal abscess, after a heart attack) .

Borax in glycerin is used to treat thrush, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, for the treatment of pressure sores, diaper rash.

mode of application

 Candles with glycerol

When dry skin, for the treatment of mucous glycerol solution is applied in the form of external applications.

Candles with glycerin administered rectally one p / day, usually in the morning, after 15-20min. after breakfast.

Borax is used to treat thrush in the form of douches. For the treatment of tonsillitis, pharyngitis apply rinse brown, and diaper rash, bedsores simply smeared with a solution of glycerol solution.

side effects

Use of glycerol in the form of suppositories may cause irritation of the intestines.

The application of a significant amount of funds under certain conditions, can cause renal infarction metgemoglobinovy, hemolysis, the appearance of hemoglobin in the urine.

Borax has a convulsive action (in children), a weak cytotoxic effect, can cause irritation at the site of application.

Contraindications to the use of Glycerol

As a laxative is contraindicated in patients with tumors, inflammation of the digestive canal, acute hemorrhoids, anal fissures, inflammation of the rectum.

Apply the product on the skin can not be compromised if their integrity.

Glycerin, sodium can not be taken during pregnancy, lactation.