Glitsised - sedative.

Pharmacological action

Glitsised nootropic, a slight sedative effect, eliminates anxiety.

The active ingredient of the drug acts Glycine - an amino acid that is contained in almost all tissues of the body and acts as a neurotransmitter.

Glitsised involved in the production of proteins and physiologically active substances, it has a neuroprotective effect.

After the drug weakened psycho-emotional reactions, increased social adaptation, reduced irritability, conflict, aggression.

Glitsised besides tranquilizing, nootropic and sedative and has antitoxic action at various poisoning, including alcohol.

It is best seen when the pharmacological effect of sublingual application Glitsiseda.

Product form

Producing Glitsised as tablets sublingual (sublingual).

Indications Glitsiseda

Glitsised of instruction prescribed for nervous system pathologies of various origins:

  • circulatory disorders of the brain.
  • Infection that affects the nervous system, the deterioration of the nervous system after infection.
  • Traumatic brain injury.
  • Encephalopathy of different origin, including alcohol;
  • Asthenic conditions, alcohol withdrawal, dystonia neurocirculatory.

Application Glitsiseda effectively to improve memory, intellectual activity, to improve learning at the mental exhaustion ,.

Glitsised use in combination therapy for the relief of emotional stress, the elimination of sleep disorders, depression, and irritability.

There are good reviews about Glitsisede, it is used to reduce the craving for alcohol.

Instructions for use Glitsiseda

 Glitsised pills
 Receiving means independent of mealtimes. Glitsiseda tablet placed under the tongue.

To remove the psychological intellectual surge, to improve memory appoint 1st tablet 2-3 p / day. Treatment lasts 15-30dn.

When fatigue is prescribed to take two tablets three Glitsiseda p / day. The treatment lasts about 30dn.

When sleep disturbances Glitsised according to the instructions prescribed to take just before bedtime on the 1st tablet (for 20min.). The therapy lasts about one month.

For the treatment of alcoholism and reduce the craving for alcohol Glitsised take once - one tablet. After 10-15min., If necessary, a pill can be repeated. Permissible dose - 600 mg of the drug per day.

A second course of the drug is carried out, if necessary, 4-6 / year.

Children older than 3 years, to relieve and eliminate the hyperexcitability of sleep disorders Glitsised give two or three p / night for the 1st tablet. Treatment lasts 1-2ned.

Children with asthenia and mental retardation appoint take the 1st tablet 2 to 3 p / day for 15-30dn.

If there are indications, treatment can go again.

side effects

Reviews Glitsised most positive, it rarely causes adverse side effects.

In the event of an overdose of the drug, or patients with increased sensitivity to it, there may be a rash, itching, headache, nausea, urticaria.

Contraindications Glitsiseda

Glitsised contraindicated in his individual intolerance. With care prescribe a drug to patients with hypotension.

Because only Glitsised tablets for sublingual use, they do not allow children under 3 years.