Glitselaks - laxative.  Glitselaks

Pharmacological action Glitselaksa

The active substance Glitselaksa - glycerol.

With the drug can exert on the mucosa of the rectum lung irritant. Also, the drug stimulates peristalsis reflex. Supplementation promotes effective softening stool.

Release form and composition

Glitselaks produced in the form of rectal suppositories each containing 1 gram of glycerol 5 - Adult and 0 75 g glycerol - for children.

Each package contains 10 candles.

Indications Glitselaksa

Instructions for use of the drug Glitselaksu provides:

  • for the treatment of constipation of various origins (it may be age-related, and psychogenic, and functional origins), including the treatment of rectal coprostasis, which is observed in the elderly;
  • with limited mobility, breastfeeding and pregnancy;
  • for the prevention of constipation in patients suffering from painful bowel movements, which can not be tense (eg, hemorrhoids);
  • for the treatment of mucous membranes and skin softening;
  • for the treatment of hemorrhoids at an early stage, anorectal stenosis and perianal abscess.

Candles indicated for use in adults and children. For newborns Glitselaks also allowed, but only with the age of three months.


Among the contraindications to Glitselaksu, reviews research to confirm this, you can call renal failure, hypersensitivity, appendicitis, diarrhea, bleeding, fissures in the stage of acute hemorrhoids, tumors and inflammatory diseases of the rectum.

Instructions Glitselaksa: methods of use

According to the instructions Glitselaksu, it should be used either topically or rectally.

As a laxative it is used rectally once a day for the suppository, put a candle is recommended after 15-20 minutes after breakfast. Treatment should be discontinued immediately after the restoration of the natural intestinal peristalsis.  Glitselaks Infant 3 months

Outwardly Glitselaksom lubricate the affected areas (where appropriate).

side effects

With prolonged use Glitselaksa there may be some side effects, manifested in the form of discomfort and irritation in the rectum. Very rarely can develop catarrhal proctitis.

Storage conditions and terms

Keep Glitselaks can be no more than 5 years from the date of manufacture of the reach of children, dry place, temperature not exceeding 25 about FROM.