Pharmacological action Gistana

 Gistan capsules
 Gistan - a para-pharmaceutical agent that is used in various kinds of allergic rashes on the skin of the body, hands and face. It is used in urticaria, skin itch, bubble (vesicular) allergic rashes.

The cream is made with the addition of natural antihistamine substance derived from the bark of the birch-based hypoallergenic base, the main component of which is dimethicone (silicone poliglyuzid, creating a film on the affected skin, which freely passes oxygen, but does not allow ingress of moisture and allergens).

Gistan, reviews drug researchers confirm it does not contain in its composition hormones.

The drug is also essential oil of lily of the valley and herb extracts which have anti-allergic properties. Thanks to essential oils, more precisely, its light molecular structure, the cream easily penetrates the skin, improves and stimulates circulation and metabolic processes. Extracts of herbs and butter lily of the valley due to its antiseptic properties are involved in the prevention of infectious complications that can occur when various kinds of allergic skin lesions.

Capsules Gistan - a dietary supplement, which is a good source of arbutin, glycyrrhizic acid and flavonoids, whose action is aimed at the normalization of body systems and the functional state of organs, especially if the person is prone to all sorts of allergic reactions. With these capsules can significantly reduce the risk of diseases having an allergic nature.

Product form

Produced Gistan in cream form (which is realized in tubes with 30 ml), and in capsule form of 200 mg (which are in a package of 36 pieces).

Indications Gistana

 Cosmetic cream Gistan
 Instruction Gistanu points such evidence for the use of the cream:

  • atopic dermatitis;
  • eczema;
  • itching;
  • insect bites;
  • skin allergy drug type;
  • photodermatosis;
  • hives;
  • Warning emergence and development of various types of infectious complications.

Capsules are shown in the following cases:

  • when predisposition to allergic reactions;
  • To reduce the possibility of disease allergic diseases.


The main contraindication to Gistanu considered hypersensitivity to at least one component of the drug. Also, the drug is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.

Instructions Gistana: methods of use

According to the instructions, Gistan a cream should be applied a thin layer to the affected skin, then rub with light massaging movements. We perform a similar procedure should be 2-4 times a day.

The capsules of the drug for adults attributed to ingestion of the meal on a capsule twice a day. You can drink the medicine with a little water.

Reviews Gistane argue that the most effective treatment will be for 4-8 weeks.

Side effects

While the drug is possible allergic reactions.

Conditions and terms

Keep no longer than 2 years in a dark and dry place, temperature not exceeding 20 about FROM.