Ginseng tincture

 Ginseng and its root
 Ginseng tincture - of vegetable origin, acting on metabolism, the nervous and vascular systems.

Pharmacological action

Ginseng tincture - a tonic, antiemetic, metabolic, bio-stimulating agent.

The use of tincture of ginseng stimulates the nervous central system, the activity of the adrenal glands, improves appetite, restores strength, reduces sleepiness, increases blood pressure, physical, mental efficiency, improves sexual function.

There are also reviews of ginseng tincture, that it reduces the amount of glucose in the blood cholesterol.

Pharmacological action due to the fact that ginseng contains volatile, fatty oils, peptides, minerals, vitamins, sterols.

Product form

Alcohol tincture of ginseng root.

Indications for use of ginseng tinctures

The use of tincture of ginseng shown at elevated mental, physical activities, to enhance the resilience of the human body negative environmental impact to overall improvement during rehabilitation after an illness.

Also according to the instructions prescribed tincture of ginseng in treatment of abnormalities of sexual function caused by neurasthenia, neurosis, diabetes, diabetes of the second type, in asthenic conditions, arterial hypotension.


According to the instructions tincture of ginseng is contraindicated in hypertension, hypersensitivity, irritability, bleeding, insomnia, fever with infection, during lactation, pregnancy, liver diseases.

Do not give to children under the ginseng tincture 12l.

 Ginseng tincture
 Instructions for use of ginseng tinctures

Adults, children over 12l prescribed tincture taken inside for half an hour before a meal - 15-25kap. two or three p / day. The average treatment lasts 30-40dn. Repeat therapeutic course only on doctor's advice.

Avoid the use of such a tonic, as a tincture of ginseng in the afternoon.

Side effects

Infused ginseng can cause palpitations, headache, sleep disturbances, diarrhea, increased blood pressure, bleeding from the nose, allergic skin reactions, hypoglycemia, nervousness, vomiting, nausea.

There are reviews of tincture of ginseng, about the possibility of her overdose. Its symptoms: swelling, increased blood pressure, insomnia.