Useful properties of ginseng

 The greatest benefit to humans of glycosides that are found in the stems, leaves, roots of ginseng
 Medicinal properties of ginseng are due to nutrients that it contains.

The greatest benefit to humans of glycosides that are found in the stems, leaves, roots of ginseng. In addition to roots contain tannins, pectins, alkaloids, resins, vitamin C, sulfur, phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, silica, copper, aluminum and zinc.

Big possess biological activity contained in plant peptides, essential oils, polysaccharides.

Ginseng helps to improve memory and attention, helps with depression, stimulates the immune system, affect blood sugar, supports pancreas, stimulates respiration of brain cells, reduces heart rate, stimulates the production of bile.

A lot of positive feedback about ginseng from the men who used it for the correction of sexual dysfunction.

One of the positive properties of ginseng is the possibility of long-term use of drugs based on it without fear of allergic reactions, and addiction.

The use of ginseng

Traditionally wide application in medicine has ginseng root, but it was found that no less favor carried and leaves of the plant.

Tincture of the leaves on the pharmacological effects similar to ginseng root tincture and used it for the treatment of chronic fatigue, neuropsychiatric disease, diabetes, 1st and 2nd types, for rehabilitation after stress.

Good reviews of ginseng used externally. Tincture of the leaves heals trophic ulcers, tissue necrosis, often accompanied by diabetes.

Medicinal properties of ginseng differently manifested in alcohol and water extracts, which should be considered when using ginseng. It is found that the infusion ginseng increases the pressure on the alcohol and water on the contrary, decreases.

To prepare an alcohol tincture, you must grind the dried root, pour vodka and four weeks to insist shaking occasionally. In one liter of vodka accounted 30g powder.

For prevention take 20 drops of tincture in a month and a half for 30 minutes before meals 2 times a day.

The infusion is desirable to make the treatment prescribed by a doctor. The average daily dosage is 30-40 cap.

To prepare the broth 3g root pour three cups of water, boil to reduce the volume to 200ml. Take broth before eating spoon 3 times a day.

Medicinal properties of ginseng are recognized by official medicine. The pharmaceutical industry produces ginseng granules, tablets, in the form of alcohol tinctures.

 Ginseng root
 Inside tablets, capsules, granules Ginseng is prescribed to adults take 200-400mg. To give your body tone and treatment of stress take 11 weeks at 100 mg 2 times a day. To improve the immunity of the second type in diabetes take 100-200mg Ginseng granules (tablets, capsules) each day. To improve performance by taking 400mg daily. In case of violation of potency shows the use of ginseng at a dose of 600mg daily.


Ginseng is contraindicated in pregnant women, children up to 12 years, women with uterine fibroids, breast cancer, ovarian, men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Patients with cardiovascular disease shows the use of ginseng only under medical supervision.

You can not combine ginseng with aspirin and other medications that affect blood viscosity, as it can provoke bleeding.

Judging by the reviews ginseng is bad for the state of health: when excessive nervous excitability, convulsions, increased pressure, thyroid disease, in cases involving festering abscesses, fever.

During treatment, it is strongly recommended to abstain from alcohol, and to adhere strictly to a doctor's appointment.